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Volume 95, Issue 1

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Morning and Melancholia - Photographing objects often overlooked, Laura Letinsky chronicles the changing shape and texture of domestic intimacy.
Geeks go Greek - For the estimated 8 to 10 percent of Chicago undergraduates in a fraternity or sorority, membership has its ambiguities. 
End of the Medical Marathon? - New rules limit hospital hours for medical residents - and highlight an underlying shift in physician philosophy and culture.  
The Worst of all Possible Worlds - Nattering nabobs of negativity have a strategy that works as well as positive thinking. Too bad it isn't for everyone.  

3 rms, future vu - An alumnus offers a memorial to a vanished city of prefabs and the aspirations they housed.


IMAGE:  Morning and Melancholia
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LINK:  The Worst of All Possible WorldsLINK:  Geeks go GreekIMAGE/LINK:  Morning and Melancholia LINK:  End of the Medical Marathon?LINK:  3 rms, future vuIMAGE/LINK:  Morning and Melancholia