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Captions are drawn from exhibition descriptions by Naomi Hume, a graduate student in art history.
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3-D lichen

Edward Tuckerman (1817–1886). Lichenes Americae septentrionalis exsiccati. Cambridge: Metcalf; Boston: Nov. Ang. typis Joh. Wilson et fil., 1847–54. 6 parts in 3 portfolio cases. Parts 1 and 2 inscribed by the author.

A botantist and Amherst College professor, Tuckerman spent 20 years studying the flora and other natural features of New Hampshire¹s White Mountains. Tuckerman produced this particular work on American lichens by mounting actual specimens onto paper. The labels and title page are printed, blurring the line between a collection and a printed book: the collection exists only in the book; and though multiple sets were published, each one contains individual specimens. Tuckerman¹s herbarium still exists, located at the Farlow Herbarium of Cryptogamic Botany at Harvard University (Editor's note: This caption updated on 6/30/03).


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