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IMAGE:  More than meets the eye

More than meets the eye
Although the eye is vision's front door, the brain creates perception. Researchers want to reveal how the mind translates light into visual experience.

IMAGE:  Chicago SevenChicago Seven: take three
In the third installment of a four-year project, the Magazine revisits our Chicago Seven. Less engaged in extracurricular activities and more focused on the future, the College third-years are, by their own admission, growing up.

IMAGE:  GlimpsesGlimpses
Meet William F. Browder, AB'85. As head of Hermitage Capital Management, Browder's making money for his investors—and, he hopes, making Russia a better place.

IMAGE:  Bursting at the seamsBursting at the seams
A new Center for Creative and Performing Arts could alleviate Chicago's artistic overflow—and develop a model for nurturing the arts at a research institution.
IMAGE:  WeintraubA historian's task in time
Over the course of six decades at Chicago, historian Karl J. Weintraub became synonymous with Western Civilization in the Core. His 1984 Ryerson Lecture shows why.

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