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Upstaging Authority

The incident

1. Stage presence:
Speaker, setting, and props combine to deliver the message of authority.

2. Smooth operator:
The beloved speaker deftly uses jokes and flattery to get his points across.

3. Shattering moment:
Reagan flinches as the crystal eagle is smashed to bits.

4. "Excuse me, Mr. President":
Frustrated activist Rick Springer briefly usurps the lectern.

5. Forced entry:
Failing to gain attention for his cause in other forums, Springer sends a "wake-up" call to the media.

6. Bum's rush:
A burly team of Secret Service agents expels Springer from the stage.

7. Back in the saddle:
Reagan coolly resumes command-but Springer would find other venues for his views.

Video courtesy of the National Association of Broadcasters

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