The University of Chicago Magazine

August 1996


Illustrations by Mark McMahon

Dancing under the Big Tent--or scoping out the 57th Street Art Fair-- was SRO.

Crowd pleaser:

After class dinners and parties at sites both likely (Hutchinson Commons, the Quad Club, and Ida Noyes) and less so (the Reg), alumni were invited to converge on the Big Tent for an evening of dancing. Those who braved the night's torrential showers found plenty of slightly damp company--including a group of students who came to waltz. (Whether wearing miniskirts, dancing frocks, or shorts and hiking boots, the waltzers were step- and posture-perfect.) Tango, swing, twist, bunny hop, cha-cha, disco, the swim, and more: At some point, everyone found a beat he or she could dance to.

All's fair:

Where else can you buy art glass, roasted corn, kids' drawings, and arts-and-kitsch items all in one block? The 57th Street Art Fair, held the first weekend in June for the past 49 years, offered reunion-goers a chance to see what's new in their old neighborhood. Other, more formal excursions included tours of the Robie House, the Smart Museum of Art, and Midway Studios, as well as a Sunday-morning architectural cruise on Lake Michigan and the Chicago River.

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