80 Paul N. Harris, AB’80, recently rejoined the Cleveland office of the law firm Thompson Hine & Flory as a partner in the corporate and securities division. Thompson lives in Cleveland Heights, OH, with his wife and four children. Donald R. Hedeker, AB’80, PhD’89, is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter in the band Bouncing Balls, which recently released its debut CD on Genuine Spurious Records. The band continues to play at clubs in the Chicago area. Lawrence J. Makovich, AM’80, completed a Ph.D. in public policy at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, in June and is a director at Cambridge Energy Research Associates. Charles V. Senatore, JD’80, left the Securities and Exchange Commission as its southeast regional director to join Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner, and Smith in New York as first vice president and assistant general counsel.

81Daniel H. Cole, AM’81, a professor at the Indiana University School of Law­Indianapolis, was named a 1997 Paul Beam fellow. Teresa A. Gillen, AM’81, was elected to the board of Friends of the Free Library in Philadelphia in September. Douglas E. Markham, JD’81, serves as counsel for voters who challenge the demarcations of political districts. Thomas R. Miller, MBA’81, the vice president of planning and development for Select University Technologies in Newport Beach, CA, announces the July 8 birth of his second son, Jonathan. Bennett J. Shatkin, MD’81, a cardiologist, married Anna Albano, a critical-care nurse, in Voorhees, NJ, on August 23. The couple lives in Vineland, NJ, with their bull mastiff, Cosmo. Cynthia Urgena Villaluz, AM’81, recently toured China with her daughter, Toti, and friends. Villaluz hopes to attend her class reunion in June with her first grandchild, Gabrielle Rae Villaluz Bueser.
College alumni, please send your news to: Lonnie Stonitsch, AB’82, 1821 South Peoria Street, Apt. 2R, Chicago, IL 60608. E-mail: missmaam@bigfoot.com. Phone: 312/226-9712 (h).

82 College alumni—Karen Kapner Hyman, AB’82, AM’88, writes: Laurie A. Silvestri, AB’82, reports on her August wedding in Chicago. Attending were many family members and friends who are U of C alums, including her sisters, Juliana N. Silvestri, AB’97, and Karen Silvestri Tannenbaum, AB’82; Karen’s husband, Carl R. Tannenbaum, AB’81, MBA’84; Carl’s mother, Dorothy Tunick Tannenbaum, AM’55; and cousin Arnold A. Silvestri, JD’49. Laurie lives in Chicago and has her own law practice downtown. Dan V. Jackson, AB’82, MBA’84, manages his own consulting firm in Dallas. He lives in Plano, TX, with wife Cheryl and daughters Melissa, 2, and Rachel, 1, and encourages friends and acquaintances to contact him at 972/335-6397 (h), or dvj.@airmail.net. Hyundai Motor America appointed its first woman director when Ruth I. Eisen, AB’82, was recently promoted to director, assistant general counsel for transactional and insurance affairs. Ruth has been with Hyundai since 1988. Jeffrey H. Bergman, AB’82, and his wife, Sarah Frudden, adopted their first child, Isabel Ann, in May. Jeff is a partner at D’Ancona and Pflaum, a Chicago law firm. Eric L. Berman, AB’82, has a busy practice in Kentucky as a neuro-opthalmologist and was married on November 22. Karen Kapner Hyman, AB’82, AM’88, has decided she really enjoys spending all her free time with U of C alums. She has joined forces with Mark S. Neustadt, AB’80, as an account manager for Mark’s company, Neustadt Creative Marketing, in Baltimore. Mark’s company consults with colleges and universities to improve their marketing efforts toward prospective students. Karen brings with her many years of experience in admissions at the College and is enjoying this new venture in “deconstructing” admissions texts!
College alumni, please send your news to: Karen Kapner Hyman, AB’82, AM’88, 2219 Shefflin Court, Baltimore, MD 21209. Phone: 410/484-3599 (h).
Other alumni news includes: Geoffrey Etherington III, JD’82, married Rae Valery, a banker at Credit Lyonnais, on August 29 in New York. Patrick D. Gaffney, AM’77, PhD’82, an associate professor and acting chair of the anthropology department at the University of Notre Dame, wrote The Prophet’s Pulpit: Islamic Preaching in Contemporary Egypt (1994). M. Matthew Klionsky, MBA’82, see 1984, Susan H. Rosenberg.

83 The Class of 1983 celebrates its 15th reunion on June 5­7, 1998.
College alumni—Nick Varsam, AB’83, writes: Lawrence S. Berlin, AB’89, MBA’94, a senior consultant for Ganymede Corp., a Chicago-based Internet design firm, is developing—and will appear as—a character in a finance-related CD-ROM game. David M. Blaszkowsky, AB’83, the director of strategy and development with McGraw-Hill, is busy in the Big Apple with daughters Adina, 5, and Rachel, 2. Speaking of parenting, Sharon R. Bloyd-Peshkin, AB’84, is editor of Chicago Parent magazine and the mother of Hannah, 5, and Jeremy, 2. She lives with husband Alec in Oak Park, IL. Stacy M. Dutton, AB’83, has joined Warburg Pincus Asset Management as director of equity research, and is covering technology stocks. Amy Christianson Goerwitz, AB’83, and Richard L. Goerwitz III, AB’83, AM’89, PhD’93, live in Rhode Island with their 11-year-old son and a cat named Trouble. Andrew L. Harrop, AB’83, is an intelligence analyst with the CIA. Kathryne L. Harter, AB’83, graduated in May from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a master’s in social work. In July 1997, Justin L. Johnson, AB’83, became vice president, general counsel, and secretary of Atlanta Life Insurance Company. Gail Gordon Kocen, AB’83, MBA’89, and husband Bryan S. Kocen, MBA’88, recently celebrated their son Samuel’s first birthday and are busy with their investment-management firm in Palm Springs, CA.
When not pursuing criminals as assistant U.S. attorney in Manhattan, Paulette Wunsch Landes, AB’83, is busy keeping husband Richard and son Andrew, 2, in line. Martin S. Lazor, AB’83, MBA’84, wife Heidi, and daughters Casey, 6, and Ava, 3, live in the Rockwellesque town of Butler, PA, north of Pittsburgh, where Marty is senior vice president for strategic planning with  the consumer bank PNC Bank Corp. Alice T. Lyon, AB’83, MD’87, and husband Daniel E. Davies, AB’83, are back in Chicago, where Alice teaches ophthalmology at Northwestern University and Dan is in mergers and acquisitions at First Chicago/NBD Corp. Robert J. Migliore, AB’83, reports he and his wife have a son, Gabriel David, 1. “A lucrative but morally challenging endeavor” is how Marc J. Moss, AB’83, describes his work “performing brain and heart surgery on Hollywood movies.” Donald C. Pasulka, AB’83, is a senior partner with Ross & Hardies in Chicago, and has appeared on 60 Minutes, The Phil Donahue Show, CNN, and MSNBC to discuss a pending murder case. Don also has time for future Maroons Troy, 9, and Darien, 7, and the Chicago Challenge, a charitable organization he established with his brother, Paul; Elliott H. Robbins, AB’83; and Neal L. Cannon, AB’83, MBA’97, to help provide quality education and health care to inner-city youth.
College alumni, please send your class news to: Nick Varsam, AB’83, 832 Castle Pines Drive, Ballwin, MO 63021. Phone: 314/207-1672 (h). E-mail: VarsamNick@aol.com.

84 Gene S. Han, MD’84, was trained in ophthalmology at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York and moved to Los Angeles in 1988, where he now lives with his wife, “a dermatologist from San Francisco,” and their two sons. Han writes, “I’m trying to stay afloat in the sea of HMVs and ZPAs. Anybody selling life jackets?” Gerardo Licea, SB’84,  writes that he is “still doing cross-border deals” for the Mexican Bank for Foreign Trade in Chicago. Russell Read, AB’84, MBA’87, received a Ph.D. in political science from Stanford and is senior vice president and portfolio manager at Oppenheimer Funds in New York. He and his wife, Andrea Ballou Read, AM’84, PhD’92, who writes poetry and gives readings in New York and London, live in an 1863 firehouse in Jersey City, NJ, where they are home-schooling their children, Hannah, 8, and Alex, 7. Susan H. Rosenberg, AB’84, JD’90, and M. Matthew Klionsky, MBA’82, announce the June 26 birth of their fourth child, Devora Etta, who joins Gideon, 8; Abigail, 6; and Naomi, 3. Dan Stetzel, X’84, see 1985, David J. Frank.

85 John J. Bello, AB’85, and his wife, Elysia, announce the October 16, 1996, birth of their second child, daughter Francesca Maria, who joins brother Joseph, 3. Thomas D. Craig, AM’85, finished a second Ph.D. and dissertation in July at Southern Illinois University. He is co-chairing the Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences until 1999, and sits on the editorial board of an upcoming encyclopedia of phenomenology, psychology, psychiatry, and neuroscience. Craig is a visiting scholar in the women’s studies program at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario. E-mail him at tcraig@spartan.brocku.ca. Veronica J. Drake, AB’85, has moved to Madison, WI, and is a communications specialist with MetaStar, which specializes in health-care improvement for Medicare recipients in Wisconsin. David J. Frank, AB’85, will spend 1998 on sabbatical from Harvard’s sociology department, researching worldwide changes to university curricula in the 20th century. “I still keep in touch with my old Blackfriars pals,” he writes. Frank met with Elise Eisenberg, AB’85, and Tamara L. Faulkner, AB’89, AM’94, last summer and with Dan Stetzel, X’84, last fall. Lisa C. Gigstad, MBA’85, see 1989, Paul C. Francel. Mark R. Hollmann, AB’85, was director of music for a Quicksilver Radio Theater production of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein—Modern Prometheus on Chicago’s public-radio station, WBEZ-FM 91.5, in October. The production won a Silver Reel award from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters. Walther R. Wroblewski, MBA’85,  was recently assigned to the 85th division of the U.S. Army Reserves in Arlington Heights, IL.

86 College alumni—Martha A. Schulman, AB’86, writes: Lots of news from academ-ics: William D. Lambert, AB’86, has been an assistant professor of biology at St. Peter’s College in Jersey City, NJ, since 1995. He received an M.S. and a Ph.D. in zoology from the University of Florida. He specializes in vertebrate paleontology and is one of the world’s experts on the fossil elephants of North America. Kenneth W. Griffin, AB’86, recently started a position as assistant professor of psychology at Cornell University Medical College in New York City, after a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at Columbia. He says that “living and working in NYC has been a lot of fun, though I miss Chicago in many ways.” Glen H. Brodowsky, AB’86, is an assistant professor of marketing at California State University, San Marcos. He received an M.B.A. and a Ph.D. from SUNY­Buffalo. Last summer, he traveled to Beijing to lecture to a group of government officials and business executives about international marketing.  Glen writes: “Thankfully, I was a Far Eastern languages major at U of C, so I was thrilled to deliver the lectures in Mandarin. I really did learn something useful at U of C.”
Kenneth E. Mellendorf, AB’86, is teaching physics and tutoring in math and physics at Prairie State College in Chicago Heights, IL. He is enjoying his students and colleagues and says, “A college will always be my most fulfilling environment.” Anne M. Wells, AB’86, completed her Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Loyola University Chicago in September and is working part time at a child-welfare agency.
And from lawyers: Victor I. King, AB’86, AM’86, is an insurance-coverage and business-litigation attorney at Bottum and Felton in Los Angeles. He was a Clinton delegate at the 1996 Democratic National Convention and was recently elected a trustee of Glendale Community College, where he is an adjunct faculty member. Elena Alvarez Zanussi, AB’86, received her law degree in 1997 from Lewis and Clark College’s Northwestern School of Law in Portland, OR, and is now practicing ERISA/employee benefits law at Lane Powell Spears Lubersky. She met her husband, Tom Zanussi, in the romantic U of C’s benefits office, where she was working when Tom—then newly hired as a software engineer—came in to find out about his benefits. Elena can be reached at zanussie@lanepowell.
com and would love to hear from old “buds.”
Colleen J. Martin, AB’86, received a J.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, and works as an assistant federal public defender. Colleen lives in Berkeley with husband Mark C. Woo, AB’85, of Demon Party fame. Bill Whitely, AB’86, MBA’90, isn’t a lawyer, just an “accidental yuppie” and an associate partner at Andersen Consulting, focusing on health care. He travels widely on business, and says that “in consulting, as at the U of C, you can’t be too picky about the food or accommodations.” He lives in Chicago with wife Karyn and daughters Ryann, 3, and Sullivan, 16 months. Alex Skalecki, AB’86, is MIS director at Unitech Systems, working on information-integrity software. His real love is French Romantic organ music, and he recently traveled to France to study it. Alex can be reached at askalecki@unitechsys.com.
College alumni, please send your news to: Martha A. Schulman, AB’86, 70 W. 95th St., Apt. 17C, New York, NY 10025. Phone: 212/666-7370 (h). E-mail: nibbs@mindspring.com.
Other alumni news includes: Valerie J. Hoffman, AM’79, PhD’86, an associate professor in religion at the University of Illinois at Urbana­
Champaign, was named a University Scholar there in 1996 for her research and teaching. She is on the board of the Middle East Studies Association of North America, serving on its academic ethics committee, which she chaired in 1997. She is also on the editorial board of the Journal of the American Academy of Religion. Last year, Hoffman produced her first instructional video, Celebrating the Prophet in the Remembrance of God: Sufi Dhikr in Egypt. Her book Sufism, Mystics, and Saints in Modern Egypt (University of South Carolina Press) was published in 1995. Campbell McGrath, AB’86, see 1991, Julian Cohen. Michelle Smith-Levitin, AB’86, see 1987, Joel H. Levitin. Michael D. Strong, MFA’86, is headmaster of Winston Academy, a private secondary school for gifted students in Broward County (FL).

87 College alumni—Alison L. Inafuku, AB’87, writes: Thomas M. McKibben, AB’87, at tmckibbn@midway.uchicago.edu, writes that in October, he successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis in physics at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Tom currently works for the U of C’s academic computing services as technical supervisor for the Usite, Regenstein, and Crerar computer labs. He and his wife, Grace P. Chan, AB’90, AM’90, are resident heads for Upper Wallace House in Woodward Court. To everyone who has sent in news for this class report: Thank you! Your contributions have made my job both easier and more interesting. To all other members of the Class of 1987: Keep those postcards and e-mails coming! I hope to hear from you soon.
College alumni, please send your news to: Alison L. Inafuku, AB’87, Alliance Capital Management Corp., 1345 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10105. Phone: 212/969-2519 (w). Fax: 212/969-6146 . E-mail: alison_inafuku@aol.com.
Other alumni news includes: Stephen G. Di-orio, MBA’87, see 1989, Lawrence G. Friedman. Joel H. Levitin, JD’87, and wife Michelle Smith-Levitin, AB’86, announce the March 2, 1997, birth of twins Miriam Celeste and Jesse Maurice.

88 The Class of 1988 celebrates its 10th reunion on June 5­7, 1998.
College alumni—Matthew W. Lay, AB’88, writes: Ann W. Joo, AB’88, married Dr. Robert Kim on October 13, 1996, and lives in Norwalk, CT. Ann’s brother, J. B. Joo, AB’92, and new brother-in-law, Peter Y. Kim, AB’92, were groomsmen, and Stephanie Rupp, AB’88, and Jinna Kim, AB’88, were bridesmaids. Paul F. Lerner, AB’88, is an assistant professor of history at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Jennifer Spretnjak May, AB’88, and her husband, Jeffrey, welcomed the birth of their son, Ryan Edward, on March 27, 1997. Matthew A. Natt, X’88, practices law in Park City, UT, with the firm Strachan & Strachan. Thomas J. Antony, AB’88, is a vice president and portfolio manager for RT Capital Management. James J. Howicz, AB’88, recently joined the law department of Novus Credit Services, Inc., as an attorney. George I. Salti, AB’88, MD’92, is a surgical oncology fellow at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Kathrine A. Short, AB’88, is a quality-management administrator for a large HMO in Oakbrook Terrace, IL. Gerald W. Spahn, AB’88, and his wife, Mary, welcomed the birth of their son, Luke Pietromonaco, on July 29. Andrew L. Belmonte, AB’88, and his wife, Ruth, announce the birth of their second child, George Benjamin, on August 19. Andrew is a postdoctoral researcher in fluid turbulence at the University of Pittsburgh. Monica J. Casper, AB’88, is an assistant professor in the sociology department at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She married Ross Smith on September 27. Laura J. Edwards, AB’88, edits college biological-sciences texts for Prentice Hall. Martina S. Hahn-Baur, X’88, has married Stuart Baur. Martina is the director of professional education at the University of Miami. Larry E. Hess, AB’88, lives in New York City and works as a child psychologist. Bertrand P. Kaper, AB’88, is the chief resident in orthopaedic surgery at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Stephen S. Lawrence, AB’88, is a visiting assistant professor of astronomy at Bowling Green State University. Sheila D. Lynch, AB’88, has received a J.D. degree from the University of Washington and is a judicial clerk at the Washington State Court of Appeals. Christina M. McKenna, AB’88, is an investigative reporter for KIRO-TV in Seattle. Kim M. Perry, AB’88, married Doug Perry on May 31, and works in marketing business services at Northern Telecom in Dallas.
Diana G. Poulos, AB’88, is a vice president in NationsBank Card Services in Charlotte, NC. Christopher J. Scarborough, AB’88, recently married Sheri Perlow. Christopher and Sheri are public-school teachers who met in graduate school at the University of California, Berkeley. Lauren Murphy Siegel, AB’88, and her husband, Philip S. Siegel, AB’85, MBA’88, are enjoying their tenth year of marriage and have two “great kids,” Matthew and Alexander. Thomas F. and Beth Greenbarg Tipton, AB’88, are proud to announce the birth of their “strong and beautiful” daughter, Stephanie Michelle, on September 16. Keith K. Vaux, AB’87, MD’94, is a pediatrician with the U.S. Navy on Guam, where he lives with his wife, Cathy, and their daughter, Samantha. Dorothea Israel Wolfson, AB’88, is married to Adam Wolfson, AM’89, PhD’93. Dorothea collaborated with William Bennett on his recent book, Our Sacred Honor, and is an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University.
College alumni, please send your news to: Matthew W. Lay, AB’88, c/o Zywicki, 117 N. Roosevelt St., Boise, ID 83706. E-mail: mattlay@aol.com.
Other alumni news includes: Alan J. Harris, JD’88, has joined the law firm Hoey, King, Perez, Toker, and Epstein as an employment-discrimination litigator. He lives in New York City with his wife, Ilise, and their daughter, Jasmine.

89 Dana K. Campbell, AM’89, appeared in a production of Guys and Dolls in the Zilker Park outdoor theater in Austin, TX, last summer. Stephen T. Cummings, MBA’89, joined the Chicago-based institutional investment consulting firm Marquette Associates, Inc., as president in July. Cummings “has never been busier or happier,” he writes, adding, “It’s a great firm that I am proud to lead.” Tamara L. Faulkner, AB’89, AM’94, see 1985, David J. Frank. Peter S. Fox-Penner, PhD’89, directs the 25-person Washington, DC, office of The Brattle Group, which offers counsel on economic, environmental, and management issues. Paul C. Francel, PhD’87, MD’89; his wife, Lisa C. Gigstad, MBA’85; and their four children moved to Oklahoma last July, where they bought farmland and built “the home of their dreams.” Francel is chief of pediatrics neurosurgery at the Children’s Hospital of Oklahoma and an assistant professor of neurosurgery at the University of Oklahoma, where he also directs both craniofacial and cranial-base surgery, codirects the Movement Disorders Center, and is medical director of the Gamma Knife. Lawrence G. Friedman, AM’89, and Stephen G. Diorio, MBA’87, are senior vice presidents at Oxford Associates, a market-research and strategy firm in Bethesda, MD. After seven years as an assistant commissioner with the city of Chicago’s environment department, David R. Inman, MBA’89, has added an environmental-consulting arm to his family’s business, E. W. Inman, which also continues to represent artists.

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