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Volume 90, Number 5, June 1998

World Enough, and Time:Poet Campbell McGrath, AB'84, has plenty of material and a voice all his own. -Cathy Mizgerd

Swing Fever : "Golf," said Mark Twain, "is a good walk spoiled." Nonetheless, both the game and books about it have flourished in the past century. --Kimberly Sweet

Clash of the Titans: John D. Rockefeller may have thought the UofC a plant of slow growth, but William Rainey Harper wanted it to bloom overnight. --Ron Chernow

Acts of Faith: Religion at Chicago is practiced in many ways, often by students who call themselves more "spritual" than "religious."--Sam Portaro
Also in this issue:
Editor's Notes: What do three members of the Class of 1998 have in common?
Letters: Cosmic and curricular concerns--and tales of young love.
Investigations: Cultural scholar Sander gilman takes a look at aesthetic surgery; Freud and Latin American fiction; pheromones and ovulation; a nanosecond on film.
Chicago Journal: Lots and lots of books: Zena Sutherland on children's lit.; Marshall Sahlins wins a second Laing Prize; alumni take home Pulitzers.
Class News: Magnificent obsessions, major milestones, and quotidian philosophies.
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