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What’s the news? We are always eager to receive your news at the Magazine, care of the Class News Editor, University of Chicago Magazine, 1313 East 60th St., Chicago, IL 60637, or by e-mail: No engagements, please. Items may be edited for space. As news is published in the order in which it arrives, it may not appear immediately. Please specify the year under which you would like your news to appear. Otherwise, we will list: (1) all former undergraduates (including those who later received graduate degrees) by the year of their undergraduate degree, and (2) all former students who received only graduate degrees by the year of their final degree. .


70 Daniel R. Campion, AB’70, was the “Featured Poet” in this past fall’s Light magazine. On November 15, his poetry was featured on the Poetry Daily Web site. Walt Whitman: The Measure of His Song, an anthology of poets’ responses to Whitman that Campion edited with Jim Perlman and Ed Folsom, was issued in a revised, expanded edition in October by Holy Cow! Press. Miguel Caparros, MBA’70, a former investment banker at Morgan Stanley, has made a career change from finance to physical anthropology. On June 30, 1997, he received his Ph.D. in human paleoanthropology from the Institut de Palèoontologie Humaine Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris.

71 Mary Diederich Ott, SM’67, PhD’71, will have a solo exhibit of monotypes and mixed-media paintings April 8–25 at Gallery West in Alexandria, VA, with an artist’s reception on April 11. Draga Shillinglaw-Kellick, AM’71, reports that her father, Josef Bartik, was posthumously named to the Order of the White Lion on October 28. Shillinglaw-Kellick accepted the award, given by Vaclav Havel at a ceremony at Prague Castle in the Czech Republic. Bartik, a general in the Czechoslovakian army, was a veteran of WWI and WWII.

72 College alumni, please send your news to: Dorthea H. Juul, AB’72, PhD’89, 1115 S. Plymouth Court, #302, Chicago, IL 60605. Phone: 847/374-4204 (w). Fax: 847/236-4304. E-mail:

Other alumni news includes: Peter Li, PhD’72, see 1968, Marjorie Hsu Li. Robert H. Shadur, JD’72, joined the Chicago office of Barnes & Thornburg as a partner in the business, tax, and real-estate department.

73 Philip H. Rees, AM’68, PhD’73, was made a “Fubba”—a Fellow of the British Academy. He writes, “A big honour over here.”

74 The Class of 1974 celebrates its 25th reunion June 4–6, 1999.
The board of directors of the Association for Manufacturing Technology elected Stanley A. Woleben, MBA’74, to serve as first vice chairman. He was first elected to the AMT board in 1990. Woleben is president of Armstrong-Blum Manufacturing Co. in Mt. Prospect, IL.

75 Mary Agnes D. Costello, AB’75, married Paul L. Cruise, whom she met through the Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval re-enactment group. Their combined libraries aggregate at least 13,000 books, with very few duplicates. Their family motto is: “The family that shoots target archery together stays together, if only because figuring out which arrows belong to whom would be too difficult and time-consuming to permit us to contemplate splitting up.”

76 Keith A. Cary, AM’76, recently became a partner in the Kansas City, MO, law firm Franke & Schultz. He practices in the areas of insurance defense, product liability, and commercial litigation. His wife, Laura Ozenberger, is an attorney at Sprint. Their 7-year-old son, Christopher, is in the second grade. On October 17, Alida M. Jatich, AB’76, married T. V. Weber in Reno, NV. Lawrence E. Kagemann, Sr., MBA’76, is now vice president of operations for Three-Five Systems in Tempe, AZ. From their sites in Tempe; Beijing; and Manila, the Philippines the company makes displays for companies such as Motorola and Hewlett-Packard.

77 College alumni—Tony Mayo, AB’77, MBA’78, writes: Emilie M. Townes, AB’77, AM’79, DMN’82, is now a full professor of Christian social ethics and Black church ministries at Saint Paul School of Theology in Kansas City, MO. “My fifth book, Breaking the Fine Rain of Death: African-American Health Issues and a Womanist Ethic of Care, was just released by Continuum Publishing Co.,” she writes. “I am most delighted that my sister, Tricia L. Townes, who is an artist, provided the painting used for the cover.”

College alumni, please send your news to: Tony Mayo, AB’77, MBA’78, 10915 Thanlet Lane, Reston, VA 20190-3922. Phone: 703/742-0845 (h). E-mail:

Other alumni news includes: Eleven years ago, Nelson Rodriguez-Trujillo, PhD’77, founded a company dealing in human-resource evaluation and development. The firm produces psychometric tests for personnel selection, as well as software for scoring tests and presenting reports.

78 College alumni—Kent Maynard, AB’78, MBA’81, writes: Laura Ellin Handlin, AB’78, retired from practicing law after 12 years to do graduate work in the history of decorative arts at the Parsons School of Design/Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, and is enjoying it tremendously. She is also the mother of a 3-year-old daughter, Emma. Her husband, Joseph, is a lawyer and a musician. Laura will “always remember Hyde Park...and deep-dish pizza, especially at the Medici. I’ve lived in New York for almost 18 years, and I have always liked it. However, I’ve never completely adjusted to the pizza situation here. I have to eat pizza in its truest form when I venture west of the Hudson.” Paula R. Markovitz, AB’78, reports that after graduation she did lots of theater; traveled for work and play; taught theater, music, speech, and voice; and retired in 1990 to have children—daughter Madeline, 7, and son Nicholas, 4. Karen S. Patton, AB’78, is living in L.A., where she moved in 1994 to attend the Musicians Institute, an intensive one-year music program for contemporary music (rock, blues, jazz, country), specializing in guitar and songwriting. Karen continues to pursue her musical development. Steven L. Reynolds, AB’80, and his wife, Sharman Ober, have three children: Andrew, 8; Benjamin, 6; and Daniel, 4. Steven, who is an associate professor of philosophy at Arizona State University and is working on a book about perception and knowledge, misses going to DOC films twice a week.

College alumni, please send your news to: Kent Maynard, AB’78, MBA’81, 2041 W. Dickens Ave., Chicago, IL 60647-4530. Phone: 773/342-5845 (h). E-mail:

Other alumni news includes: Wayne (“Dale”) Collins, JD’78, a partner in the antitrust group of Shearman & Sterling, was named a 1998 David Rockefeller fellow by the New York City Partnership, a civic organization founded to improve the city’s economic climate. From 1981–83, he served in the Reagan administration, first as a White House fellow, and then as deputy assistant attorney general in the antitrust division of the Department of Justice. He has also been a board member of the Immigration and Refugee Services of America and a visiting lecturer at Yale. He currently holds committee positions with both the American Bar and New York State Bar Associations.

79 The Class of 1979 celebrates its 20th reunion June 4–6, 1999.
P. Ann Fischer, AB’79, and her husband, Walter, announce the October 25 birth of son Russell. John A. Perkins, AB’79, and his wife will spend this year building their dream house in Kenosha, WI. Last year, he accepted a position as credit analyst for Castle Credit Corp. in Chicago. This past summer, William J. Sanders, AB’79, did paleontological fieldwork at the famous early hominid site of Laetoli in Tanzania. His team succeeded in collecting a large new sample of mammalian fossils, including specimens of Australopithecus afarensis. He also happily reports that last February he and his wife, Mayra, attended the 40th birthday celebration of his Upper Flint roommate and good friend David L. Skelding, AB’80.

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