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Volume 91, Number 4, April 1999

Is Welfare Working?: To see if the latest reforms have ripped society’s safety net, U of C researchers look at how the new laws get applied. --Charlotte Snow

The way we were? : When plans to increase the College’s size and revise the undergraduate curriculum made national news, the U of C took up the discussion—again.

Arbiter of taste: Paul Rozin, AB’56, studies what humans eat—and what divides yum from yuck.--Peter Nichols

Also in this issue:
Editor's Notes: Purple is the color of spring’s crocuses and of passionate debate about the nature of change.
Letters:In which our readers quickly get to the core of the matter.
Investigations: Mathematician and computer scientist Ridgway Scott prepares to boot up some new projects.
Chicago Journal: International architects will design two major projects. The GSB expands off campus, and maybe on.
Class News:Read about hundreds of alumni who’ve moved, gotten promoted, and otherwise thrived.
Chicagophile:Cartoonist Jessica Abel, AB’91, goes underground.
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