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Vol. 91, Num. Nos.5-6, Jun-Aug 1999

Uncommon callings: Meet 12 U of C staffers whose expertise keeps the University running and whose stories offer a different view of the ivory tower. --Kimberly Sweet

Names and deeds to remember: Alumni Medalist “Murph” Goldberger, PhD’48, was among those honored at June’s Alumni Assembly. --Mary Ruth Yoe & Qiana Johnson

A day in the life of the College: Remember April 21, 1999? It was a Wednesday. It rained. In words and photos, the College Report covers the day on campus. --Charlotte Snow
Also in this issue:
Editor's Notes: What made the 456th convocation different from any other? Hint: his daughter goes to Stanford.
Letters: Among the things that don’t change: our readers write.
Investigations: Composer Marta Ptaszynska on the color of music; plus research on today’s teens and the curse of sleeplessness.
Chicago Journal: President Hugo Sonnenschein prepares to resign; Edgar Jannotta leads the trustees; the U of C ventures into on-line education.
Class News: News of alumni on their home turf—and photographs of them back on the quads.
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