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Vol. 92, Number 1, October 1999

From Kerry to Dublin, alumni journey through Ireland, old and new.: When a U of C English professor led an Alumni Association tour through Ireland, he focused on the music of words. --Mary Ruth Yoe

Feeling the side effects of budget cure: U of C Hospitals president Ralph Muller hopes to convince Congress that its Balanced Budget Act comes at too high a cost to the nation’s teaching hospitals. --John Easton

In the beginning, there was 2-D: …and it was okay. Then David Smith, AB’81, learned to mimic 3-D. And it was better. Now he’s making virtual reality more real. --Matthew D. Bean
Cobb's other buildings: Henry Ives Cobb is best known for designing Chicago's main quadrangle, but he also left his mark on the city as a whole. --Mary Ruth Yoe
Also in this issue:
Editor's Notes: Like God, Ireland is in the details—sometimes striking, sometimes contradictory, and sometimes hard to capture.
Letters: The Holocaust as metaphor, reminder, and political issue.
Investigations: GSB professor Judith Chevalier puts economic theories to the test; plus seaweed, land rights, and contracts.
Chicago Journal: The campus master plan is revealed at last. Meanwhile, the trustees have begun the search for a new president.
Class News:Alumni tell us (and you) what they’ve been reading, writing, doing, and being.
College Report :Soccer isn’t the only winning game on campus. Play a round with the Admissions office.
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