Home alone

Doctoral student David Schalliol, AM’04, photographs Chicago-area isolated buildings, capturing neighborhoods in flux.

Isolated Building Study 24 (2008)
The BP refinery behind this Whiting, Indiana, home prompts the viewer to consider the relationship between industry and its neighbors.

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Isolated Building Study 188 (2007)
“I know of at least five buildings that have been demolished” on this South Side block “since I took this photo in October 2007,” Schalliol says.

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Isolated Building Study 271 (2008)
The West Side currency exchange and a nearby liquor store were “the only establishments doing much business at this time of night,” says Schalliol.

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Isolated Building Study 01 (2008)
Schalliol was contacted by a woman who had lived in the house above, under the Skyway: “She told me stories about how she would be sunbathing, and her brothers would climb up the side of the Skyway and would try throwing rocks down at her.”

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Isolated Building Study 22 (2007)
Schalliol may notice an isolated building long before taking its photo. For this home, in Fuller Park, a snowfall created the mood he wanted.

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Isolated Building Study 486 (2009)
A photo of a Michigan Avenue apartment building shows how overcast nights and reflections off the clouds can make for brighter shooting conditions.

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