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Books by Alumni

image: Class Notes headlineArt and architecture
Edwin S. Munger, SB'43, SM'48, PhD'51,
Cultures, Chess, & Art: A Collector's Odyssey across Seven Continents: Volume Three: Pacific Islands & Asia; Wolfgang Schorlau, Down at Theresa's-Chicago Blues: The Photographs of Marc PoKempner;
Sally M. Promey, PhD'88, Painting Religion in Public: John Singer Sargent's Triumph of Religion at the Boston Public Library [ MORE ]

Biography and letters
June Rachuy Brindel, AB'45, AM'58,
and Wilbur Zelinsky, editors,
Bernard Brindel: Who Wore at His Heart the Fire's Centre; Nathaniel S. Lachenmeyer, X'91, The Outsider
[ MORE ]

Business and economics
Jacques Silber, AM'73, PhD'75,
editor, Handbook on Income Inequality Measurement; Yves Flückiger, The Measurement of Segregation in the Labor Force
[ MORE ]

Mary Louis Charnon-Deutsch, PhD'78,
Fictions of the Feminine in the 19th-Century Spanish Press; Phyllis R. Klotman and Janet Klotman Cutler, AB'70, editors,
Struggles for Representation: African American Documentary Film and Video;
Philip C. Kolin, AM'67, Williams: A Streetcar Named Desire; William Frank Monroe Sr., PhD'82, Power to Hurt: The Virtues of Alienation; Alice Arnott Oppen, MAT'637, Shakespeare: Listening to the Women [ MORE ]

Bruce A. Shuman, AB'63, AM'65,
Library Security and Safety Handbook: Prevention, Policies, and Procedures; Joseph J. Tobin, PhD'83, Good Guys Don't Wear Hats: Children's Talk About the Media
[ MORE ]

Fiction and poetry
Debra Hargus Brown, MBA'89,
The Virgin Spring; Rey E. de la Cruz, MLA'96, Three Dolls to Polvoron: Plays on Creation, Food, and Whatever; Anne F. Spackman, AB'95, Fragments of Enor; Peter E. Zale, AB'81, Techies Unite: Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet
[ MORE ]

History and current events
Charles F. Faber, PhD'61, and Richard B. Faber,
The American Presidents Ranked by Performance; Jay M. Feinman, JD'75, Law 101: Everything You Need to Know About the American Legal System;
Bruce S. Feldacker, JD'65, Labor Guide to Labor Law; Eric B. Gorham, AB'82, The Theater of Politics: Hannah Arendt, Political Science, and Higher Education; Jeffrey A. Parness, JD'74, Advanced Civil Procedure: Civil Claim Settlement Laws; James H. Read, AB'80, Power versus Liberty: Madison, Hamilton, Wilson, and Jefferson; Lawrence Rosen, AM'65, PhD'68, JD'74, The Justice of Islam: Comparative Perspectives on Islamic Law and Society; Wendy J. Schiller, AB'86, Partners and Rivals: Representation in U.S. Senate Delegations; Harriet Friedman Woods, X'45, Stepping Up to Power: The Political Journey of American Women [ MORE ]

Louis Aarons, PhD'57,
English Say Hello
[ MORE ]

Medicine and health
Bryan A. Liang, PhD'89,
Health Law and Policy
[ MORE ]

Political science and law
Stefan H. Krieger, AB'68,
Essential Lawyering Skills: Interviewing, Counseling, Negotiation, and Persuasive Fact Analysis; Oliver Lepsius, LLM'93, Steuerungsdiskussion, Systemtheorie und Parlamentarismuskritik; George W. Liebmann, JD'63, Solving Problems without Large Government;
Arthur MacEwan, AB'63, Neo-Liberalism or Democracy? Economic Strategy, Markets, and Alternatives for the 21st Century; Rachel M. McCleary, PhD'86, Dictating Democracy: Guatemala and the End of Violent Revolution; David Menefee-Libey, AM'82, PhD'89, The Triumph of Campaign-Centered Politics; David R. Segal, AM'63, PhD'67, The Postmodern Military: Armed Forces after the Cold War [ MORE ]

Psychiatry and psychology
Janet Kaplan Belsky, PhD'76,
The Psychology of Aging: Theory, Research, and Interventions; Richard D. Chessick, PhB'49, SB'54, MD'54, Psychoanalytic Clinical Practice
; Ernest L. Hartmann, AB'52, Dreams and Nightmares: The New Theory on the Origin and Meaning of Dreams [ MORE ]

Religion and Philosophy
Dane S. Claussen, MBA'86, editor, Standing on the Promises: Promise Keepers and the Revival of Manhood and The Promise Keepers: Essays on Masculinity and Christianity; James R. Flynn, AB'52, AM'55, PhD'58, How to Defend Humane Ideals: Substitutes for Objectivity; Albert H. Friedlander, PhB'46, editor, Out of the Whirlwind: The Literature of the Holocaust; Michael W. Howard, AB'74, Self-Management and the Crisis of Socialism: The Rose in the Fist of the Present; Shail Varma Mayaram, AM'81, Resisting Regimes: Myth, Memory, and the Shaping of a Muslim Identity; Gerald R. McDermott, AB'74, Jonathan Edwards Confronts the Gods: Christian Theology, Enlightenment Religion, and Non-Christian Faiths and Can Evangelicals Learn from World Religions? Jesus, Revelation, and the Religions [ MORE ]

Social sciences
Aaron Ben-Ze'ev, PhD'81,
The Subtlety of Emotions; William D. Diemer, AM'52, Davis from the Inside Out: Davis as City; Johannes Fabian, AM'65, PhD'69, Out of Our Minds: Reason and Madness in the Exploration of Central Africa; Katharine Bjork Guneratne, AM'89, PhD'98, In the Circle of the Dance: Notes of an Outsider in Nepal; Douglas J. Guthrie, AB'92, , Dragon in a Three-Piece Suit: The Emergence of Capitalism in China; Zane L. Miller, PhD'66 and Bruce Tucker, Changing Plans for America's Inner Cities: Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine and 20th-Century Urbanism; Vijay Prashad, AM'90, PhD'94, The Karma of Brown Folk
and Untouchable Freedom: A Social History of a Dalit Community [ MORE ]

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