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This spring the U of C Alumni Association honored ten alumni with professional-achievement or public-service citations. Winners were invited to campus to receive the awards during Reunion.

Professional Achievement Citations
A leading scholar and author on Mesoamerica, David Carrasco, THM'70, AM'72, PhD'77, taught at the University of Colorado from 1976 through 1993, establishing its Mesoamerican Archive and Research Project and directing academic conferences on Mesoamerican cities and religion. In 1993 Carrasco joined the department of religion at Princeton University, continuing his work on the religious dimensions of Latino cultures. Currently editor in chief of the Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Cultures, Carrasco serves on the board of directors of the Latino Public Broadcasting Organization and is at work on two film projects.

Carl F. Christ, SB'43, PhD'50, is an economist and innovator in econometrics, testing economic models' predictive performance. On the faculty of Johns Hopkins University since 1961, he has held appointments at Princeton, Cambridge, Chicago, the Center for the Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, and the Bank of Japan. He has also served for many years as director and chair of the board of directors of the National Bureau of Economic Research. Christ continues his work examining the formulation of national economic policy, in particular the government budget restraint.

As president of Harold Washington College in the City Colleges of Chicago since 1994, Nancy C. DeSombre, AB'61, AM'62, has guided the institution from a school with considerable problems to one with new programs, expanded services, and bright prospects. On the boards of the State University Retirement System, the Greater State Street Council of the City of Chicago, and the American Association of Community Colleges, DeSombre was named the American Association of Women in Community Colleges' 1999 Woman of the Year. As president of the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio Foundation (1994-1997), she worked with the U of C on the restoration of Robie House.

Harold F. Goldsmith, PhB'49, AM'54, developed and implemented the 1980 Health Demographic Profile System, which identified the types of communities more likely to experience higher prevalences of mental disorders. In his work with the Center for Epidemiology at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), he provided models of the mental-health consequences of population growth and change. Through his teaching at the University of Maryland, Penn State, and Michigan State and directing demographic studies at NIMH, Goldsmith has provided an empirical analysis of the relative role of social and personal factors in the etiology of mental disorders.

Samuel Harvey Moseley, SM'74, PhD'79, is recognized as a "superstar" of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and an influential contributor to infrared and x-ray astronomy. His airborne infrared work has focused on the nature of interstellar dust and how stellar material is returned to the interstellar medium. Early in his NASA career, he developed a mid-infrared spectrometer that has helped scientists to understand stellar explosions that represent the fundamental source of elemental enrichment of the universe. In x-ray astronomy, he has developed the microcalorimeter, a revolutionary x-ray detector.

Lauren M. Pachman, MD'61, is internationally known for her pioneering research in pediatric rheumatology and immunology. Her research into juvenile dermatomyositis, a rare and debilitating autoimmune childhood disease affecting the muscles and skin, has brought important new findings. Pachman also established a national registry so that patients and their families can be connected to each other and to reliable information on the disease and its treatment. She teaches at the University and at Northwestern Medical School, where she created and heads the division of pediatric immunology/rheumatology.

Public Service Citations
Gary Gitnick, SB'60, MD'63, has improved the chances for thousands of disadvantaged and disabled children in Los Angeles by creating a comprehensive program of mentoring, support services, and college scholarships. With Gitnick as its leader, the 24-year-old Fulfillment Fund has 1,000 adult volunteers mentoring 2,000 students-seeking to motivate adolescents to complete school and facilitate their higher education through tutoring and college scholarships. Professor of medicine and chief of the University of California-Los Angeles School of Medicine gastroenterology division-the largest in the world-Gitnick has published more than 300 articles and 60 books.

An arts administrator and teacher developing relationships between the arts and education, Ronne Hartfield, AB'55, AM'82, led Urban Gateways, an arts and education organization in Chicago from 1981 to 1991, during which time it won the Presidential Medal for the Arts. Hartfield also served as the executive director for museum education at the Art Institute (1991-1999). As a member of the Divinity School's Visiting Committee, Hartfield has focused the attention of Chicago's major museums on issues in religious and sacred representation. In the coming year she will continue that focus as a senior fellow at Harvard University's Center for the Study of World Religions.

An advocate for the mentally ill and the impoverished, Eva Fishell Lichtenberg, AB'52, AM'55, PhD'60, has devoted four decades to public service in Chicago. In addition to an active career as a clinical psychologist and a forensic trial expert, Lichtenberg chairs the board of the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis and is secretary of the executive committee of the Emergency Fund for Needy People. Lichtenberg's public service also has extended well beyond Chicago. She is a member of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum's outreach committee and in the American Jewish Committee's Leo Lichtenberg Institute.

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