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"Perhaps you should ship it in a steel container."

Role model or wasted life?
Thanks for giving Karl Meyer ("A Radical Takes Root," April/01) the kind of prominent space in the magazine that's more often devoted to academic achievers. We need academics too, but we definitely need more people like Karl to encourage us-not necessarily to be leaders like Jesus, Gandhi, King, and others who've been deified without heed for the truths they conveyed-but to live more simply and caringly, and to resist injustice.
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Compliments...and a question
I really enjoyed two of the articles in the April/01 University of Chicago Magazine. The article on Karl Meyer and his idealism brought back the spirit of the anti-war movement of the 1960s. Karl was a well respected if somewhat eccentric figure in the Chicago movement, and I am glad to see that he has persevered.
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Writers' rights to copyright
As an old Div School student I was appalled to have Professor Murrin ("Coursework," April/01) complain about being "hampered" in texts he wanted to use by copyright law!
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Relevant Revels revision
Many thanks for your kind note about this year's Revels at the Quadrangle Club ("Chicago Journal,"April/01).
You have one thing wrong, however, and it is serious enough to warrant a correction. You say that the performance was by a "U of C faculty-and-staff-only troupe."

Psychoneuroimmunology, III
I've been reading the letters regarding the confusion over Psychoneuroimmunology and believe I can provide some clarity.
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Remembrance of synch's past
My eye was caught by your remembrance of the synchrocyclotron project ("From Our Pages," April/01). I designed the Ion Source for it under the supervision of Dr. Anderson and John and Leona Marshall. I still have the blueprint after all these years!
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We're not St. John's
James Chandler ("The Battle of THE Books," February/01) is under the misimpression that the College of the late 1940s and early '50s had a "Great Books" curriculum. Not so. The "Great Books" school was St. John's. The College curriculum was designed to culminate in a course titled "Organization, Methods, and Principles of the Sciences."
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"Narrow" views of Genesis
In your article on courses at the University devoted to a single text ("Page-Turners," February/01), the writer assures readers that Prof. Leon Kass and his students treat the book of Genesis "not as a narrow religious document, but as a philosophical text." The presumption of this phrase is breathtaking, if not particularly surprising.
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Pride in Proof
I want to congratulate fellow U of C alum David Auburn ("Burden of Proof," December/00) on his Pulitzer Prize win for his play Proof! (See "Chicago Journal," page 14.-Ed.) I was privileged to meet David at a book-signing here in Manhattan, and he was extremely friendly, down-to-earth, and even a little shy about his own success.
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O Week reorientation
As I was about to get rid of the October/00 issue of the Magazine, I happened to glance through it and found that most unusual occurrence, an error of fact! On page 30, you state that Orientation "began in 1934." My own experience with Orientation Week took place in 1932, two years earlier.
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