Volume 90, Number 4, April 1998
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The Omega Factor:Almost 70 years ago, astronomer Edwin Hubble gave the universe a beginning. Now U of C physicists are part of a vast conspiracy to end it. --William Burton

Culling the Shots: A former photo editor for LIFE shares images, from D-Day to Vietnam, that became part of the national psyche. --John G. Morris

Mourning in America: New works by Kerry James Marshall memorialize African-American leaders of the 1960's. --Kimberly Sweet

Also in this issue:
Editor's Notes: They were young and in love. And they met at the U of C. Or maybe they designed a t-shirt.
Letters: In defense of oil painting, winemaking, and other amateur pursuits.
Investigations: Anthropologist Manuela Carneiro da Cunha on indigenous rights; historical myths, Korean immigrants, and universal signs.
Chicago Journal: The votes are in for a new College curriculum; men's basketball travels to the Sweet 16.
Class News: Give birth. Get promoted. See the world. Then tell us all about it.
Campus Sketchbook: Illustrator Mark McMahon peers in on a rehearsal of Gilbert and Sullivan's Iolanthe.
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