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:: By Amy Braverman Puma

:: Image courtesy Mark Rospenda

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On Exhibit

Of mouse and man

In the series of installations Mark Rospenda, MFA’06, calls Rickety, he arranges hundreds of 8.5 x 11–inch sheets of paper on a wall. Viewers can peruse the collection of ink-jet–printed computer drawings and create their own narratives, says Rospenda, who uses the publishing program InDesign to “create vector artwork.” As a DePaul University undergraduate Rospenda switched majors from biology to art, and his drawings portray dissections, psychological networks, human figures, strange animals, monsters, interior rooms, machines, and “written words that I break apart and rearrange into new visual forms.”

Starting each sketch without knowing where it will lead, he lets “the accidents that happen from drawing with a mouse or tablet guide its development.” Rospenda, a graphic designer at Aurora University, has made 1,400 such pieces since graduate school, 336 of which comprise his biggest installation yet in the Hyde Park Art Center’s August 12–October 7 exhibition Another Story, which explores art that begins with a book, page, or text.