William Rainey Harper’s Index

Concrete numbers

Limestone paving stones (pavers) used in this summer’s main-quads paving project, designed to make the area more pedestrian-friendly: 225,000

Sandstone pavers: 20,400

Cubic yards of gravel laid to expand walkways: 5,000

Cubic feet of permeable concrete: 2,156

Pounds of ductwork needed for the New Hospital Pavilion, to be completed in early 2013: 1.3 million

Pounds of mechanical and medical piping: 1.8 million

Total feet of piping: 325,000

Tons of steel: 12,000

Number of light fixtures to be installed: 20,000

Masonry joints used in summer campus-roofing projects, in miles: 7.5

Pounds of copper nails used to install roof tiling: 780