Lite of the Mind (a light-hearted look at all things Chicago)

Out of the ashes

By Burke Frank, ’11, and Asher Klein, ’11


It’s a bird! It’s a phoenix! It’s—wait, is it a phoenix?

After a decade of sweat and cheers, the old, tattered Maroons mascot has been laid to rest, and out of its ashes a new costume springs this fall. Bigger, meaner, and much more maroon, it still falls short in the epitomizing-a-phoenix category. “We were never able to find a company that produces a specific phoenix outfit,” says Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Information Dave Hilbert.

What fans will notice first is the color—a “very distinctive” maroon. The new get-up, which has an aerie resemblance to an eagle, is also more imposing, a plus for the man behind the mascot. Stephen Bonnett, ’11, says the old outfit made him feel “like a gangly string bean.”

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