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The University of Chicago Magazine

The University of Chicago Magazine Staff

Mary Ruth Yoe
Managing Editor/Web Editor
Tim Andrew Obermiller
Associate Editor
Kimberly Sweet
Art Director
Allen Carroll
Editorial Assistant
Catherine Mizgerd, AB'91
Student Assistant
Qiana Johnson, '98
Contributing Editors
John Easton, AM'77; Jamie Kalven; Joe Levine
Editorial office:
The University of Chicago Magazine,
1313 E. 60th Street,
Chicago, IL 60637.
Telephone (773) 702-2163; fax (773) 702-2166.
Internet: uchicago-magazine@uchicago.edu.
World Wide Web: http://www2.uchicago.edu/alumni/alumni.mag/
The Magazine is sent to all University of Chicagoalumni.
The University of Chicago Magazine (ISSN-0041-9508)is published bimonthly (October, December, April, April, June, and August)by the University of Chicago in cooperation with the Alumni Association.Published continuously since 1907. Copyright1997, University of Chicago.

The University of Chicago Alumni Association

1313 E. 60th St.,
Chicago, IL 60637.
Telephone (773) 702-2150; fax (773) 702-2166.