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December 1997

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40 Last fall, The University of Toledo Law Review published an article by David M. Levitan, PhD'40, called "The Effect of the Appointment of a Supreme Court Justice."

41 Wilfred K. Gummer, PhD'41, enjoys playing the piano in a small singing group that performs "sho-biz" songs from the period when Gummer was a student. Playing at life care centers and nursing homes, the group takes "real pleasure" in getting "happy reactions to the old music," Gummer says, adding, "Not much geology in this, of course!"

42 College alumni, please send your news to: Mary Lucene Price Miller, AB'43, 1019 Glendalyn Circle, Spartanburg, SC 29302-2170. Phone: 864/583-0063 (h).

43 The 55th class reunion will be held June 5­7, 1998. Bertha Larson Doremus, AM'43, retired in 1994 from the clinical-rehabilitation medicine faculty at the University of Washington in Seattle, but she continues to work in a local multi-service agency, Helplace House, as a volunteer providing administrative social-work consultations. E. Everett Lefforge, MD'43, of San Jose, CA, looks forward to moving in early 1998 to Paradise Valley Estates, a life-care community for retired military officers. He still enjoys some travel, he writes, though "not as much as formerly."

44 Now retired, Henry L. Wildberger, PhB'44, SB'49, MD'51, who lives in Mount Prospect, IL, enjoys performing in a symphony orchestra, as well as "occasionally" in a community band and "frequently" in chamber ensembles. Wildberger also takes courses at the Oriental Institute, tends his large home garden, and attends a monthly seminar at Northwestern Medical School on religion, values, and medicine.

45 Ernst R. Jaffe, SB'45, MD'48, SM'48, reports, "Nothing really new in a busy retirement." The editor of Seminars in Hematology and a director of the National Marrow Donor Program, Jaffe looks forward to his Pritzker class's upcoming 50th reunion. Margaret ("Peggy") O'Neill Matthiesen, AB'45, and her husband visited China in April and are visiting the Holy Land this December.

46 Carleton P. Menge, AM'40, PhD'46, laments the closing of the University's education department, writing, "I'm happy that John Dewey will never hear of it."

47 College alumni-Norman L. Macht, PhB'47, writes: Our 50th reunion last June renewed our sense of the split personality of the Class of '47, one of the largest graduating classes in the history of the College. Just as we had sat fuzzy-cheek-by-steely-jowl in classrooms, competing for places on the grading curve, so the chasm between the returning GIs and we teenaged followers of the Pied Piper of Hutchinsville was gratingly obvious to the veterans. But for one of them, Lin Lungaard, AB'47, it took 50 years to bring home how we 16-year-olds viewed them. "The primary thing that struck me about our reunion," Lungaard wrote in a recent letter, "was the realization of how the 'young geniuses' looked at the vets. Certainly there's a vast difference between 16 and 21­26, particularly with a World War thrown in. But now, 50 years later, my visit with you, and comments from several others, helped me to realize how wide the gap seemed to the younger group." The reunion helped us to realize, also, how that gap has narrowed with age-no matter how different our memories re-main.

College alumni, please send your news to: Norman L. Macht, PhB'47, 5910 Smith Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21209-3614. Phone: 410/664-2542 (h). Fax: 410/664-2542.

48 The 50th class reunion will be held June 5­7, 1998. The book The Jews of Chicago: From Shtetl to Suburb (University of Illinois Press), by Irving H. Cutler, AM'48, was named best regional book of 1996 by the Mid-America Publishers Association. John E. Rupp, Jr., MBA'48, is a litigator for the Chicago firm Barnes & Thornburg. Robert E. Sloan, PhB'48, SB'50, SM'52, PhD'53, retired in July after 44 years as a paleontology professor at the University of Minnesota. Twice a distinguished teaching professor, Sloan continues to research "dinosaurs, multituberculates, trilobites," and "narrow gauge railroads." He also enjoys "target rifle shooting." He and his wife, Sally Crippa Sloan, X'54, live in Winona, MN, where she is a mathematics professor at Winona State University.

Clifford N. Smith, AM'48, owns Westland Publications in McNeal, AZ, and is a part-time professor of international business at Northern Illinois University School of Business. More on Smith's life appears in the 1997 Who's Who in America. Since retiring four years ago, Jerome M. Ziegler, AM'48-sponsored by the National Executive Service Corps and its regional affiliates-has conducted professional-development seminars for public-school principals in New York, Philadelphia, and DC. Also teaching half time at Cornell in ethics, public policy, and public administration, Ziegler observes, "I seem to be busy and healthy, so thanks for that."

49 Morgan Gibson, X'49, a professor of English at Kanda University of International Studies in Chiba, Japan, teaches logic "and other exotic subjects." Also a contributing editor with the Kyoto Journal, he writes a column there called "Philosophizing in the Void."
mmons, AB'42, MBA'46, see 1937. Jacob L. ("Jay") Fox, AB'42, JD'47, see 1937.


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