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December 1997

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50 At its May meeting in Chicago, the Association for Behavior Analysis honored Donald M. Baer, AB'50, PhD'57, the Roy A. Roberts distinguished professor of human development and psychology at the University of Kansas, with its first-ever award for distinguished service to the field. The American Psychological Association has honored Baer with two awards: the Edgar A. Doll award for work on behalf of persons with developmental disabilities, and the Don Hake award for contributions to basic behavioral research and its applications. Delbert M. Bates, AM'46, PhD'50, who notes, "Each person has a unique reality, how one sees his world," has written a science-and-religion study guide, Reality.

A loss-prevention management professor at the University of Houston's hotel and restaurant management college, Raymond C. Ellis, Jr., PhB'50, MBA'53, edited the recent publication OSHA: A Guide to Occupational Safety and Health Standards Compliance for the Lodging Industry. Ellis averages "75,000 air miles per year," he writes, representing his institution before industry associations and government agencies. Cameron E. Gillingham, MBA'50, lives in Gillingham, WI. Anne Garvey Dye Phillips, AM'50, read at the San Luis Obispo (CA) Annual Poetry Festival in November and will be featured at a local coffee shop in January. "Well, heck," she writes, "it's better than doing nothing in retirement-or playing golf!"

51 Herbert E. Baum, AM'51, reports: "Two new hips have been installed, and running and skiing implore." Now retired, he is preparing for his belated Ph.D. thesis by writing a book on "marketing orders and the California strawberry industry." Richard A. Levinson, AB'51, SM'54, is associate executive director of policy and programs at the American Public Health Association in Washington, DC. David F. Redman, MBA'51, of Oceanside, CA, writes that he has one of the first 25 "Washington's Generals," made in 1870, which he found in a New Hampshire barn in 1958.

52 In September, Sherman S. Fishman, SM'52, of Pleasant Hill, CA, wrote, "Alumni have until November 4 to move to Pleasant Hill!" That was the day Fishman made a run for a seat on the city council there. In recent months, David E. Ray, AB'52, AM'57, has received three awards for his poetry, including the 1997 Allen Ginsberg poetry award from Passaic County (NJ) Community College for "Lines for an Adopted Daughter"; a poetry prize from Explorations magazine, published by the University of Alaska, Southeast, for "Lines for Robinson Jeffers"; and a shared first prize in the New Millennium Writings magazine contest for "Justifiable Vandalism," which appeared in that magazine's spring/summer 1997 issue.

53 The 45th class reunion will be held June 5­7, 1998. Ruth Miner-Kessel, JD'53, was present for the 40th anniversary of the racial integration, under President Eisenhower, of Central High School in Little Rock, AR. She also attended the remembrance and reconciliation conference at the University of Arkansas. After more than five years in Portugal, Allen T. Yarowsky, AB'53, JD'56, returned to San Diego, where he substitute teaches. He is "happy to be back," he writes, "although living overseas was great."

College alumni, please send your news to: J. Ward Wright, AB'53, JD'56, 148 Lakeshore Drive, Richmond, KY 40475. Phone: 606/623-8953.

54 Donald L. Scheffler, SB'54, and his wife celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in November. Sally Crippa Sloan, X'54, see 1948, Robert E. Sloan.

55 Stanton T. Friedman, SB'55, SM'56, who wrote the books Crash at Corona and top secret/majic, kept busy this past summer at events national and international, "helping celebrate the 50th anniversary of the recovery of two crashed flying saucers in New Mexico." After 40 years as a Chicago-based industrial engineer, with an emphasis on "control of direct labor cost," Ingrid Peters Heisler, X'55, has retired. She notes, "Looking back, my years in Hyde Park and involvements at the U of C were the happiest of my life." James P. Rosenblum, AB'55, has joined the board of the U of C alumni club of greater L.A.

56 John A. Brogan, AB'56, has written his second book, Grab Your Reader's Attention and Hold It-In Business, Government, & Technical Writing. His earlier book was Clear Technical Writing (McGraw-Hill). Brogan's youngest child is entering the sixth grade.

57 Alexander Graubart, X'57, see 1968, Nina Coven Dorf.

College alumni, please send your news to: George Karcazes, 30 N. LaSalle Street, Suite 4020, Chicago, IL 60602. Phone: 312/332-4550.

58 The 40th class reunion will be held June 5­7, 1998. Helen Olson Ackert, AM'58, turned 85 in November and is writing her memoirs. In preparation, she has for nine summers attended the University of Iowa's two-week course on memoir writing. Having helped the United Methodist, Lutheran, and Episcopal churches raise a total of nearly $40 million, Irving K. Bruhn, AM'58, has retired after 30 years in ministry and ten years of church fund raising. Lee G. Pondrom, SM'56, PhD'58, has begun a three-year term as chair of the physics department at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

59 A past president of the Women's Bar Association of Illinois, Charlotte Adelman, AB'59, JD'62, received the association's first service award for her efforts to maintain its recorded history. Robert J. Bumcrot, SB'59, SM'60, and his wife, Fran, live on New York City's Upper East Side. Their sons, Chris and Dave, each have two children, giving them three grandsons and a granddaughter. Bumcrot is an officer in the New York Academy of Sciences and a former governor of the Mathematical Association of America. He recently wrote a chapter for Principles and Practices of Mathematics (Springer Veslag). Patty Jo Andersen Watson, AM'56, PhD'59, a professor of anthropology at Washington University, was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in September.

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