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December 1997



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Michael J. S. Dewar, a chemistry professor at the U of C from 1959 to 1963, died October 10 in Gainesville, FL. He was 79. Born in India, Dewar received his bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees at Oxford University. His internationally recognized 1945 paper on stipitatic acid identified a new aromatic system that became a major branch of organic chemistry. Chemistry chair at the University of London's Queen Mary College before coming to the U of C, Dewar later taught at the Universities of Texas and Florida. He is survived by two sons, Robert B. K. Dewar, SB'64, PhD'68, and C. E. Steuart Dewar, AB'69.


Barbara Fennell, a homemaker, died at the age of 70. She was president of the U of C Women's Council of the Brain Research Foundation. Survivors include two sons, a daughter, a brother, and seven grandchildren.


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