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Immunology pioneer
Donald Rowley, SB'45, SM'50, MD'50, "a wide-ranging and imaginative researcher," dies at age 90.

Adrift in the city
On walks across Mexico City, UChicago historian Mauricio Tenorio Trillo finds a path to the past.

Love scene
Film scholar Tom Gunning explains how editing conventions create the splice of life.



Chicago Tribune (March 7, 2013)
Theaster Gates makes no small plans
The University's director of arts and public life describes the vision for a new Washington Park arts incubator.

Wired (March 6, 2013)
Physicists create vortex knot--akin to 'tying a smoke ring'
Professor William Irvine and postdoc Dustin Kleckner create the first knotted vortex, previously known to be theoretically possible, in a laboratory.

Slate (March 5, 2013)
The mother of DNA databases
Law professor Eric Posner says that samples should be collected from everyone--not just convicted criminals--to protect the innocent.

Atlantic (March 1, 2013)
The myth of the successful college dropout
President Robert J. Zimmer argues that, despite rare examples of dropouts who succeed in business, most aspiring entrepreneurs benefit from college.

USA Today (March 1, 2013)
Why you should sweat climate change
Professor David Archer notes that, even if fossil fuel use were to stop, CO2 would linger in the atmosphere for millennia.



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A point about improbability
UChicago statistician Stephen Stigler runs the numbers to show that the Chicago Blackhawks' record-setting streak did not violate the laws of nature.

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Off the presses and online
The Mar-Apr issue of the Magazine will be in your mailbox soon, and it's available now online, featuring a historian adrift in Mexico City, sublime images from the Hubble telescope, an alumna mortician, and more.

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True confessions
What did you get away with while you were in the College? Did you secretly keep a pet in your dorm room? Date two roommates at the same time? Do you still have a library book somewhere? Send your true confessions to No felonies please.