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The man, the movement, the moment
A panel examines former Chicago mayor Harold Washington's legacy on the 30th anniversary of his historic election.

Shaking a tail feather
Birds that continue to display their plumage to each other after forming a mating bond show a greater investment in their offspring.

Webby worthy
The mobile-friendly redesign of is recognized with two of the awards known as "the Internet's highest honor."



New York Times (May 3, 2013)
Stories from sons of a storyteller
To his three sons from three different wives, Saul Bellow, X'39, "was like a giant redwood that we experienced at different times of his growth."

Chicago Tribune (May 1, 2013)
Rejuvenation of South Side the fair thing to do
The University's ten-year, $3 billion capital building plan takes some inspiration from Burnham and Olmsted, emphasizing architectural and natural beauty.

NPR (May 1, 2013)
Automatic-enrollment IRAs get a test run in California
"The differences are quite dramatic," behavioral economist Richard Thaler says, when workers have to opt out of a savings plan rather than opt in.

Forbes (April 30, 2013)
Steven Levitt on the Greatest Good
The UChicago economist and Freakonomics coauthor discusses his business and philanthropy consulting company.

New York Daily News (April 28, 2013)
Privacy is overrated
And it can even be dangerous, says Law School senior lecturer Richard A. Posner.



Thursday, May 9
Boston Ballet's Chroma
7:30-10:00 p.m. | Boston

Thursday, May 9
Intervention with Greater Impact: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Reducing
HIV and STIs Among Urban Youth

6-8 p.m. | Indianapolis

Saturday, May 18
Lucky Bucket Brewery Tour and Tasting
12-1 p.m. | La Vista, Nebraska

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Genomics of global health
Geneticist and associate dean for global health Funmi Olopade speaks as part of Pritzker's "Big Ideas in Medicine" series.

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Alumni Weekend
Join alumni from across the University for many family-friendly events. With great food and a variety of entertainment, the barbeque is sure to be one of your favorite events of the weekend.

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There are good books about Chicago
Rachel Shteir, AB'87, lists her top five.

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