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From research to solutions
A $23 million grant helps the Institute for Translational Medicine turn discoveries into new methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Civic coalitions
Former Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley shows Harris School students how public, private, and nonprofit leaders collaborate to shape a city's future.

The spoils of war
Historian James Sparrow traces the roots of "big government."



New York Times (July 27, 2012)
When your pension offers a choice
Behavioral scientist Richard Thaler weighs the risks of choosing a lump sum or receiving monthly payments in retirement.

CBS News (July 25, 2012)
Obama's complicated relationship
with black America

Political scientist Cathy Cohen calls for the president to use the resources of his office to address issues in the African American community.

The Guardian (July 25, 2012)
Gun ownership in the US:
What the data can tell us

Statistics from NORC's General Social Survey contribute to an analysis on the prevalence of firearms.

The Atlantic (July 24, 2012)
A very mean (but maybe brilliant)
way to pay teachers
Research from economists, including UChicago's Steven Levitt and John List, suggests that an up-front payment that can be revoked may improve teacher performance.

Time (July 19, 2012)
Lolo's no choke
Psychologist Sian Beilock shows how an active prefrontal cortex can lead to poor sports performance.



Sunday, August 5
Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Chicago Cubs
1-4 p.m. | Los Angeles

Sunday, August 12
Alumni Brunch
11 a.m.-1 p.m. | New Haven, CT

Wednesday, August 15
Sex, Violence, and the Failure
of the Health Care System

5-8 p.m. | Minneapolis

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Drawing on Hyde Park
Emily Wang, '14, sketches sites from a lazy summer Sunday stroll.

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Market force
On the centenary of his birth, a look back at the legacy of Milton Friedman, AM'33--believer in free markets and the power of debate.

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