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December 23, 2008

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Singin’ in the brain

When young birds hear and practice a new song, they keep on practicing during sleep—and sing better the next day. Sylvan Shank, PhD’08, and Chicago professor Daniel Margoliash charted the birds’ nighttime brain activity in a Nature study that sheds light on sleep’s role in human learning.

Listen to the December 18 Nature Podcast “Learning to Sing.”

Photo: the Ocean

How to stem cancer

Learning how leukemia takes over privileged niches within the bone marrow is helping Medical Center researchers develop ways to protect healthy, blood-forming stem cells and improve the outcomes of bone-marrow transplants.

Another chapter for the chapel

As the new dean of Rockefeller Chapel, Elizabeth Davenport hopes to infuse the chapel with life and events representative of Chicago’s diverse student body.

Chicago in the News

From the Editors

Win the war of words

At holiday gatherings, alumni events, or wherever two or more UChicagoans find themselves in the same room, certain words and phrases always arise—phoenix-like—from the clashes.

Download our Chicago-style bingo cards to competitively celebrate your U of C connections.


Wednesday, Jan. 7
New York Regional Office Open House

New York Regional Office
5 p.m.

Sunday, Jan. 11
Ice Hockey: Winter Hawks vs. Everett Silvertips

Portland (OR)
5 p.m.

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An accordion for all seasons

As part of the Renaissance Society’s 2008 concert series, classical accordionist Teodoro Anzellotti performed at Bond Chapel December 9.

Watch part of Anzellotti’s concert at Bond Chapel.

Read Anzellotti’s biography
(in English).

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