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Chapter and verse
To approach religion with intellectual rigor, says Divinity School dean Margaret Mitchell, AM'82, PhD'89, is to play with fire. She stokes the embers.

Educational outreach
Cornelia Grumman, a national expert in policy advocacy, is named the Urban Education Institute's director of policy and strategic communications.

Exciting development
Harper Court opens with fanfare, bringing a hotel, retail, restaurants, and offices to revitalize Hyde Park's commercial corridor.



Weekly Standard (November 25, 2013)
Blockbuster Brown
In a new book, art historian Neil Harris argues that National Gallery director J. Carter Brown helped usher in a "museum age."

New York Times (November 18, 2013)
An old Chinese novel is racy reading still
David Tod Roy, professor emeritus of Chinese literature, completes his nearly 40-year effort to translate Chin P'ing Mei.

Slate (November 14, 2013)
No faith in science
Evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne says, no, the Higgs boson is not like a sea of milk that sustains the gods.

Chicago Tribune (November 10, 2013)
Talk is cheap on the apology tour
Economist Allen Sanderson suggests public figures should put their money where their mea culpa is.

New York Times (November 7, 2013)
Balancing act for India's top banker
Comfortable with both theory and practice, Chicago Booth's Raghuram Rajan has avoided a doctrinal approach as governor of the Reserve Bank of India.



Thursday, November 21
University of Chicago Alumni Dinner with Mr. Tomas Zinner
7 p.m. | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tuesday, November 26
Latke-Hamantash Debate
7:30 p.m. | Watch online

Saturday, November 30
Bazaart: Artful Holiday Shopping
10 a.m.-12 p.m. | Baltimore

Wednesday, December 4
International Holiday Alumni Evening in Austin
6:30-9:30 p.m. | Austin, TX

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Kepler's alien dance
Astrophysicist Daniel Fabrycky produces a video that visualizes the orbits of planets discovered by the Kepler telescope.

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Money trees
The University's botanic garden is going digital.

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