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The Renaissance Society

Center Stage
Dec 04-Jan 05

The Here and Now
January 16–February 20. The Renaissance Society, 773/702-8670.
Exploring the influence of minimalism and performance art on contemporary sculpture, this exhibition presents objects that discard the traditional figure in favor of trying to incorporate the body of the viewer.

Jupiter Images

Mail from Mozart
February 11. The University of Chicago Presents, 773/702-8068.
The Netherlands Wind Ensemble performs Mozart’s Gran Partita, a serenade for woodwinds and contrabass, interposing between movements the young composer’s letters to his father.

The Apostles
December 1–March 31. Rockefeller Chapel, 773/702-7059.
Swedish painter Michel Ostlund distills 13 years of sketches into 13 colorful portraits of the apostles.

Michel Ostlund

February 3–27. Court Theatre, 773/753-4472.
JoAnne Akalaitis, AB’60, directs Heiner Müller’s version of de Laclos’s Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Playing at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Story of Swan Lake and Classic Meets Cuba
February 11–12. University Ballet,
The first half of this two-part show is loosely based on the Swedish National Ballet’s 1996 version of Swan Lake. The second, an original choreography, is set to “Classic Meets Cuba” by the Klazz Brothers and Cuban Percussion.

Dr. Bernard Fantus: Father of the Blood Bank
November 1–February 7. Special Collections Research Center, 773/702-8705.
Drawing on a gift of materials from Fantus’s niece, Muriel Fulton, X’43, this exhibit examines the first blood preservation laboratory in 1937. Presented in conjunction with Researching Medical History, a show highlighting archival source materials on Chicago medicine.

University Ballet
Special Collections Research Center


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