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image: Class Notes headlineJoan Ablon, AM'58, PhD'63, Living with Genetic Disorder: The Impact of Neurofibromatosis 1 (Auburn House). Ablon examines the social, educational, and economic impact of living with neurofibromatosis 1. Analyzing factors that affect adaptation to the neurological genetic disorder, she offers suggestions for families, support systems, and health-care providers.

Roger W. Axford, AM'49, PhD'61, Mirror for Marriage (Media Productions and Marketing, Inc). This "how-to" guide for those considering marriage, those in a marriage, or those who have split and are considering reuniting offers recommendations for a fulfilling relationship between husband and wife.

Dale F. Eickelman, AM'68, PhD'71, and Jon W. Anderson, editors, New Media in the Muslim World (Indiana University Press). This collection of essays offers insights into such areas as Egyptian film, Turkish Web sites, and African-American Muslim pamphlets, discussing how Muslims have adapted local and international media to communicate independently of official government and mainstream religion.

Eduardo R. Gomes, PhD'98, and Ana Kirschner, editors, Empresas, Empresários e Sociedade (Sette Letras Publisher). First presented at a workshop organized by the editors, these papers discuss economics and management research by Brazilian social scientists.

Sherry B. Ortner, AM'66, PhD'70, Life and Death on Mt. Everest: Sherpas and Himalayan Mountaineering (Princeton University Press). Ortner studies the evolving relationship--one of mutual dependence and cultural conflict--between climbers of Mt. Everest and the native Sherpas who help them on their journeys up the slopes.

Ethel Spector Person, AB'56, SB'56, The Sexual Century (Yale University Press). Arguing that sexuality is central to human identity, Person explores the roles played in the sexual revolution by sexologists and psychoanalysts, antibiotics and birth control, the women's liberation movement, and Freud's insight that sex has as much to do with the mind as the body.

Martha Shirk, AM'75; Neil Bennett; and J. Lawrence Aber, Lives on the Line: American Families and the Struggle to Make Ends Meet (Westview Press/Perseus Books). The authors put a human face on the nation's child-poverty statistics by profiling ten families struggling to raise children below the poverty line. Demographics research and policy suggestions from the National Center for Children in Poverty accompany the profiles.

Joseph A. Varacalli, AM'75, Bright Promise, Failed Community: Catholics and the American Public Order (Lexington Books). Influenced by the sociological perspectives of Peter L. Berger, PhD'79, and the late U of C professor Edward A. Shils, Varacalli analyzes the present decomposition of the Catholic Church in the United States and the related reasons why Catholic social teaching has not been favorably received within the American public square.

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