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"...I did not expect to see such a thing in my lifetime..."


Life after a tenured position
James Shapiro's trenchant article ("Death in a Tenured Position?," August/00) warns that "it won't be long before the overwhelming majority of academics will no longer be on the tenure track, and will not receive the kind of institutional support crucial to sustain scholarly work." [ MORE ]

Daylily bouquets
Here is an excellent story and a beautiful layout, about a classmate honoring a wonderful gentleman and teacher ("Daylilies of the Field," August/00). Good job, Qiana Johnson and Lloyd DeGrane.
[ MORE ]

Uncivilized definition
McGuire Gibson's archaeological work ("Investigations," August/00) is fascinating, but his criteria for "civilization" strike me as pretty uncivilized. According to the story, these criteria are having "a division of labor, an organized and respected help societies develop order, defend themselves, and provide opportunities for wealth to grow and arts to flourish."
[ MORE ]

Bloom in bloom
Just before The Closing of the American Mind appeared in 1987, I remember asking another friend from U of C days whatever happened to Allan Bloom.
[ MORE ]

Losing (weight) argument
Professor Tomas Philipson raises some interesting ideas relating obesity to economics ("Investigations," June/00), but I must disagree with his conclusion on "incentives," i.e., that government should "subsidize physical activity and tax calorie intake."
[ MORE ]

Flirtation with rationality
So seldom does the administration and Faculty Senate behave rationally where a political issue is concerned that one tends to regard such a phenomenon with the same excitement one would feel if offered the opportunity to view Halley's Comet from space or Lillie Langtry in the nude.
[ MORE ]

Saving I-House may save GSB
I would like to add my voice to the loud chorus of graduates who are happy and relieved that International House will remain ("Chicago Journal," June/00).
[ MORE ]

Don't blame the cartoonist
Jessica Abel manages to misspell something every year or so in her "Chicagophile" piece, and in the August/00 issue she does it again. This time she embarrasses herself with "embarrasing." You really ought to run her material through a spellchecker.

Richard Koeneman, AB'64
Fairview, North Carolina

Doctor's gown up for grabs
I should like to donate the above to any more recent degree-holder, since there is little likelihood that I shall need it in the foreseeable future, and it is merely cluttering up my clothes bag. It's in excellent condition, long enough even for a far taller person than I, and includes a snazzy flat black velvet cap with gold tassel.

Anyone in need of such a garment may e-mail (; write (25800 W. Eleven Mile Road, Southfield, MI 48034); or phone (248/727-2296).

Gertrude M. White, PhD'50
Southfield, Michigan

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