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:: Photography by Dan Dry

:: Source: Mary Wisniewski, head athletic trainer

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William Rainey Harper's Index

Athletic support

photo:  athletic supportFull-time certified athletic trainers on the Athletic Department payroll: 3

Part-time trainers as of March 1: 1

Student workers who assist at sporting events and practices: 10

Training rooms on campus: 2 (one in Ratner, one in Henry Crown)

Most common injury, ankle sprains, treated each year: 55

Fractures treated each year: 5

Competitions and practices manned in the 2004–05 season by trainers and students: 211

Medical clearances for varsity athletes completed in 2004–05: 604

Ratio of football-team to tennis-team training-room visits: 12 to 1

Amount spent from August 2005 through February 2006 on athletic tape: $5,031.18

Amount spent on Gatorade powder: $1,074.44

Pounds of ice in Ratner’s ice machine: 500

Times a day during the August–September preseason it gets emptied: 3