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:: By Mary Ruth Yoe

:: Photography by Dan Dry

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In Every Issue ::

Editor's Notes: Please share our umbrella

Sure, Chicago grads are smart enough to come in out of the rain, but now they don’t have to.

The University of Chicago Magazine is what alumni editors call an umbrella publication, reaching out
to cover the whole institution. Providing news from all fronts of the University stems from President William Rainey Harper’s desire that Chicago’s intellectual community “become one in spirit, not necessarily in opinion.” As our “Letters” column regularly demonstrates, Harper knew his tribe.

photo:  Bright sight, Gray City: your rain clouds can have a stained-glass lining.

Bright sight, Gray City: your rain clouds can have a stained-glass lining.

In spring 1981 Editor Felicia Antonelli Holton, AB’50, addressed her tribe of readers this way: “You write to correct our spelling and grammar (and an occasional stray fact). You write to tell us you love our articles, or you hate them. You write to ask if you can reprint our articles.... Whatever the reason, we’re delighted when you write us. It means you read us—and what editor could ask for more? “Well, yes,” Felicia confessed, “there is one more thing. We’d like to ask that you write your name on a check” as a voluntary subscription to the Magazine. Twenty-five years later, we’re still glad you’re reading.

And we’re still asking for one more thing: your help in underwriting the annual costs of producing six print and online issues. As a thank-you for gifts of $50 or more, we offer a symbol of our umbrella status—a folding travel umbrella that says Chicago inside and out. The black exterior is imprinted with the U of C logo while the interior, like the umbrella’s carrying case, offers local color: the rose stainedglass window in Rockefeller Chapel. We happily accept smaller—and larger—gifts; your check should be made payable to the University of Chicago Magazine, or you can give online.