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:: Illustrations by Bill Jaynes

:: By Meredith Meyer, ’06

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1911 Former junior class president Frederick Whitslar Carr, AB 1909, mused in the April Magazine on the differences between college and university life. To illustrate the contrasting modi vivendi, he imagined a dialogue between an urbane Chicago upperclassman and a Kenyon College farm boy. The Chicago man might ask the Kenyon lad, “Aren’t you going to give me a dance at the Reynolds Club this afternoon?” The Kenyon student would respond, “Nope, I’m shooting rabbits today. Cut the dance and we’ll go down the river in my canoe and maybe catch a few rock bass besides.” All hope was not lost for Kenyon’s country bumpkins, according to Carr, because “farmer boys, who miss milking the cows upon entering college, in two years feel as much at home in their dress suits at the Junior prom as if they had been born in them.”

illustration by Bill Jaynes1956 During World War II plasma was widely used to treat hemorrhagic shock and stomach cancers. With the discovery, however, that the substance sometimes carried hepatitis, physicians stopped using it. Then University surgeon J. Garrott Allen brought plasma back into mainstream use, the June Magazine reported, thanks to a bit of luck. Lacking refrigerator space in his lab, Allen was forced to leave plasma standing at room temperature, unintentionally killing the embedded hepatitis virus.

1981 The Spring issue celebrated the return of Chicago’s Quiz Bowl team by offering some recent questions to test alumni smarts. Give your hippocampus a workout with these trivia queries: 1. Is impasto a technique in sculpture, oil painting, or engraving? 2. There are balls, strikes, and outs in baseball. In what sport would one encounter a riposte, feint, or parry? 3. NASA’s Apollo series flew 18 missions. During how many of them did men reach the surface of the moon? (Answers: 1. Oil painting. 2. Fencing. 3. Six.) We hope you’re feeling brainy.

1996 Photographer Lloyd DeGrane gave Magazine readers a peek into dorm life, including a homestyle fish dinner with two Pierce Hall resident heads, a late-night laundry run with first-year Tim Ray, SB’99, and group study in student Andrea Sims’s (AB’99) Burton-Judson room. When asked about her cluttered abode, first-year B–J resident Jennifer Adams, AB’99, offered this explanation: “I really was planning on neatening up. But who wants to hang clothes when you can be learning about Socrates’ homosexual tendencies as described in Plato’s Symposium?”