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:: By Mary Ruth Yoe

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On the quads

Giving new meaning to commencement, the inaugural group of highschool students in the Collegiate Scholars Program, a University enrichment program for Chicago Public School students established in 2003, graduates this June. Of the 60 students who entered the program as
tenth-graders, 28 applied to the College, proving that familiarity breeds respect. In addition to Chicago, students applied to institutions including Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Duke, Stanford, Brown, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, Colgate, and Georgetown. Notes program director Kim Ransom-Kazembe, “The horizon looks very, very bright for our students.” ...

The horizon looks similarly bright for third-years Andrew Hammond and Nina Meigs. As 2006 Truman scholars, they are among 75 students nationwide who will receive up to $30,000 for graduate school from the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation. Each applicant was asked to submit a policy proposal on a pressing societal issue: Hammond, who interned at the National Center for Children in Poverty, chose poverty in America; Meigs, who has volunteered as an interpreter with the Midwest Immigrant and Human Rights Center in Chicago, chose human trafficking....

If it’s spring, candidates for Student Government posts are choosing their party names. Taking the idealistic route were Full Slate Ahead and A New Day; taking it with a grain of salt were the Moose Party and the Big American Party (whose candidates’ noms de guerre were Richard Nixon,
Aaron Burr, and Marion Barry). The Big American Party complained about the high price of campus food, vowing, “We will not be crucified on a cross of Flex!” And the winner was A New Day....

Chicago’s 18-month-old, studentrun erotic magazine, Vita Excolatur, was featured in an April 23 New York Times piece on campus sex magazines, “The Student Body.” Editor-in-chief Charlotte Rutherford, a third-year from New Jersey, described a spring issue photo essay this way: “It’s distinctly U of C. There’s no Miss January. There’s a hot girl—and she’s reading a book!”