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:: By Meredith Meyer, AB'06

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Peer Review ::

Photographic Memory

Male escorts

Six Chicago men (and a half-dozen Northwestern counterparts), selected by the State Street Council, escorted 12 beauties from the film Golddiggers of 1937 around Chicago during a November 1936 publicity tour. The cast of the third musical in the Golddiggers series included stars Glenda Farrell and Joan Blondell playing showgirls hired by two unscrupulous insurance salesmen to excite a million-dollar policyholder to death. The film featured such forgettable tunes as “The Life Insurance Song.” Scanning the skies for the American Airlines plane that carried the girls on their cross-country jaunt, the Chicago men are (from left): Omar Fareed, SB’37, MD’40, Wilbur Jerger, AB’39, LLB’42, Robert Bethke, AB’37, Samuel Whiteside, AB’37, Ned Bartlett, AB’37, and Robert Fitzgerald, SB’41, MD’43.

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