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On Line

Attention: someone has sent you an e-card

photo: on line“A few years ago I received an e-card from a friend that seemed rather silly and unimpressive,” says Les Sweetow, SM’05. “This multibillion-dollar industry needed some help.” Enter Zany, star of Sweetow’s online card site, Zany in the City. Each card features a short animation of the purple pup braving urban life. In one, Zany sips a cocktail while an overweight man horrifies fellow nightclub goers with bad dancing.

Launched in October by Sweetow’s Web-products company, Polygon Web Creations, and created by former Disney animators, Zany substitutes scratchy midi music used by many e-greetings with high-quality sound tracks. In December the site got more than 300,000 hits. As for Zany’s breed, Sweetow, 47, pegs him as a mutt—part terrier, part schnauzer. Both, he adds, are “notoriously mischievous and smart.”—B.E.O.