William Rainey Harper’s Index

A diverse class

By Zak Stambor

Photography by Dan Dry


Estimated students in the College Class of 2012: 1,331

Number of applicants: 12,386

Percentage of applicants accepted: 28

Percentage of accepted applicants who enrolled in the Class of 2012: 38

Percentages of Asian, African American, and Hispanic students—each the highest in the College’s history: 16.7, 8.5, 12.5

First-years qualifying for Odyssey scholarships, which replace student loans with grants for low- and mid-income families: 248

Percentage increase in first-years from low-income families compared to last year’s class: 28

“Best” admissions class in the 26 years that Ted O’Neill, AM’70, dean of College admissions, has worked at the University of Chicago—according to O’Neill: 2012

Estimated number of times O’Neill has called an incoming class the “best”: 26