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Watch students perform a song from Kiravanu

Video by Mary Elizabeth; used by permission of Randolph Elementary School principal, Shirley Stewart

Watch the October 10 performance of “There Is Only One Water,” from Kiravanu, performed by students at Randolph Elementary School in Randolph, Vermont, and led by music teacher Marta Borgstrom. The lyrics, written by Mary Elizabeth and adapted from those sung at the opera’s Australian premiere, are given below.

There Is Only One Water

There is only one water,
Only one earth and one air.
If people pollute, it spreads to others,
Though that really isn’t fair.

There’s only so much water,
Only so many trees.
If folks use them up, then the whole world has less.
So please pay attention, please.

We must be true to our natures.
We cannot act as we choose.
So while we rain or snow or trickle or flow,
Please go give people the news:

There is only one water . . .