Cultural Studies

Photography by Lloyd DeGrane

Back to the “City Gray”
Whatever the weather, on the first day of fall quarter, campus is a buzz of activity. There are friends to catch up with, clubs to join—and, of course, classes to attend. Photographer Lloyd DeGrane goes back to school.—R.E.K.

An abandoned class list on the quad means that one unlucky student may have trouble finding his biology class.

So much to say, so little time: Christine Lee, ‘09 (with pink-and-white umbrella), and Kathie Ang, ‘10, are “just catching up”.

Second-year Izzi Blachman-Biatch eats lunch inside, using her laptop to check the minutes from a recent fencing-team meeting.

In the Social Science Research Building’s student-services area, Liat Bird, ‘10 (in T-shirt), and Nathan Nee, ‘09, prepare gifts for student-orientation leaders.

A Chicago umbrella protects one student from the rain, which lasted almost all day.

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