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What's the news? We are always eager to receive your news at the Magazine, care of the Class News Editor, University of Chicago Magazine, 5757 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, IL 60637, or by E-mail: No engagements, please. Items may be edited for space. As news is published in the order in which it arrives, it may not appear immediately.

Please specify the year under which you would like your news to appear. Otherwise, we will list: (1) all former undergraduates (including those who later received graduate degrees) by the year of their undergraduate degree, and (2) all former students who received only graduate degrees by the year of their final degree.

One with Nature.

Click here for larger image. A Multipurpose Mere: Not only was Botany Pond the site of the annual fraternity tug of war (photo from 1957), but also the perfect place in which to toss first-years or Maroon editors or to propose to a sweetheart while standing on the bridge.

25 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

Helen Sisson Redefer, PhB'25, was a semifinalist in the National Library of Poetry contest and will be published in its 1995 Seasons to Come anthology.


Eleanor Rice Long, PhB'26, says she is "slow but go."


Mildred Schieber Standish, PhB'27, age 89, does IRS returns for senior citizens, reads, gardens, plays bridge, and does crafts. She says her knees are her only problems and asks classmates to send news.


After a career as a dress designer, Dorothea Loewenstein-Zittenfield, PhB'28, has lived in Los Angeles since 1955. She is "very active in many undertakings."

Robert F. Steadman, PhD'28, age 90, and friend Agnes Mary Hyde Gough, AM'38, live in a "built-to-order retirement home with close friends and family at hand" in Traverse City, MI. One son is earning a Ph.D. in Asian studies, the second is president of an electronics company, and the third has retired. His daughter is a partner in a Canadian firm.


Walter E. Puschel, PhB'29, and his wife celebrated their 60th anniversary last July. In October, they took another round-the-world jet tour.

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30 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

Edward J. Lawler Jr., PhB'30, spent his 86th birthday in his law office, marking 60 years of practice. He writes: "Many changes-very few for the better. We are still ahead of major league baseball players and owners. The former are very well paid for spitting and scratching."

Victor Roterus, PhB'30, SM'31, age 87, and wife Florence live next to a golf course, where he plays nine holes every afternoon.


Lucia Downing Hewitt, PhB'31, lives in a retirement residence in Eugene, OR, where she has found U of C friends. She also keeps in touch with Mary Evelyn Webb Stowe, PhB'33, who lives near Rensselaer, NY.

Eleanor Durbin Nebel, SB'31, MAT'33, attended an Elderhostel program at International House last April: "It was a wonderful experience to be a student again on the Midway."

Frances Taylor Talley, PhB'31, writes that, after a lifetime of academics and travel, she is known as "the lady who had a double knee replacement and was soon off swimming, hiking, and biking."


Winnifred Weinberg Blonsky, PhB'32, taught in the Chicago public schools for nearly 36 years, retiring in 1962.

Geraldine Mitchell Craig, PhB'32, is "happy and well" in Shreveport, LA, and says hello to all the quadranglers.


Carl E. Geppinger, PhB'33, reports that Warren A. ("Bud") Bellstrom, PhB'33, `C' man 1933, had a serious operation in 1994 but is doing fine.

Mary Evelyn Webb Stowe, PhB'33, see 1931, Lucia Downing Hewitt.

Ross B. Whitney, PhB'33, MBA'59, enjoyed his 60th reunion and seeing Carl E. Geppinger, PhB'33, and Harold T. V. Johnson, PhB'33.

Whitney and wife Grace celebrated their 60th anniversary. Active in several charities, he notes that "golf continues to go downhill."


Rosemary Volk Howland, PhB'34, lives in a Greek-revival house in Connecticut, near the two youngest of her 14 grandchildren. She is a resources aide at a local elementary school and studies Spanish.

Helen L. Morgan, AB'34, AM'36, principal of the American Academy for Girls in Istanbul from 1952 until 1977, traveled to Turkey in May for the dedication of a science/math building named in her honor. She lives in Pilgrim Place, a retirement center in Claremont, CA.

Virginia Miller Taylor, PhB'34, retired as a high-school administrator in 1978 and moved to Scottsdale, AZ, to "enjoy the fun and sun."

Birgit Vennesland, SB'34, PhD'38, CLA'68, and Kirsten Vennesland, SB'34, MD'42, both retired, live together in Hawaii.

35 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

Charles A. Bane, AB'35, is on the advisory board for the Lincoln Legal Papers Project, which collects papers from Abraham Lincoln's law practice and plans to publish them. Bane is counsel with the Palm Beach, FL, law firm of Henderson & Robinson.

Ralph L. Fitts, MD'35, writes, "Living at La Vida Llena (the full life) is `good medicine' for one almost 94 years old."

Dorothy M. Kammermann, AB'35, bowls four times a week.


Herbert C. Brown, SB'36, PhD'38, still does chemistry research at Purdue University. He also lectures around the world, accompanied by wife Sarah Baylen Brown, SB'37.

Eleanor Sharts Cumings, AB'36, would love to hear from classmates. For the past five years, she has led a busy life in an Evanston retirement community.

Harriet Wells Gill, PhB'36, founded and directs Friends of San Diego Architecture, a ten-year-old organization that offers monthly programs with architects and designers.


Sarah Baylen Brown, SB'37, see 1936, Herbert C. Brown.

Verrill J. Fischer, MD'37, retired in 1984 from teaching residents at the Family Practice Center in Minot, ND, and the University of North Dakota.

Donal K. Holway, SB'37, works part time as a consulting engineer on hydroelectric projects, including the Arkansas River Navigation Project.

Carol Bartelmez Moore, AM'37, volunteers with the Clatsop County, OR, Historical Museum and the Columbia River Maritime Museum. She is also on the boards of the local American Red Cross and AAUW.

William T. Zusag, AB'37, has created four hours of tape about his experiences as a POW during WWII for his children and grandchildren. Shot down by German forces in Holland on September 19, 1944, he was wrongly suspected of smuggling messages between Britain and German-occupied Denmark.


Ralph P. Christenson, MD'38, welcomes news from old friends.

Agnes Mary Hyde Gough, AM'38, see 1928, Robert F. Steadman.

Horace D. McGee, MD'38, retired from ob-gyn practice in 1984 and enjoys golf, cribbage, and piano.

Murray Senkus, PhD'38, is a consultant to the law firm of Wornkle Carlyle, providing information on scientific aspects of cases.


Helen J. Pulaski, SB'39, SM'42, is "enjoying a wonderful retirement."

William W. Scott, PhD'38, MD'39, was sorry to miss his 55th reunion. He is restoring cars, writing a biography, and staying well.

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40 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

Robert M. Boyer, AB'40, JD'48, saw Elsie Teufel Lane, AB'40, and June Roberts Seip, AB'40, at a Kane County (IL) Cougar ball game. Lane swims, golfs, and is a teacher's aide in the DuPage County literacy program. Seip, an avid golfer, volunteers with the Flossmoor Woman's Club.

Joan Fuchs Markley, SB'40, and her husband are enjoying his retirement from Fermilab and spending time with their two grandchildren. They exhibited their handcrafted jewelry at 12 art shows in 1994.


Shirley Shapiro Barsky, AB'41, AM'42, will teach at an Elderhostel program at the Athenian School in Danville, CA, on June 18.

Leota Baumgarth Heshmati, X'41, and her husband, Ali G. Heshmati, X'42, have lived in their home in Santa Cruz, CA, since 1966, when Ali began teaching electronics at Cabrillo College. (This corrects information printed in the October/92 issue.-Ed.) Their son John, an artist, lives in Arizona. The Heshmatis celebrated their 50th anniversary in December 1993.


Muriel Markman Cohen, AB'42, writes, "No news is good news!"

Theodore Fields, SB'42, is an adjunct associate professor of radiology at the University of Miami.


Barbara R. Anderson, PhB'43, and brother-in-law John R. Anderson, AB'47, traveled in Europe and went to Luxembourg for services commemmorating the Battle of the Bulge. John fought in WWII with the reserve cavalry unit, The Black Horse Troop.

In October, Marjorie Robinson Eckels, AM'43, went to China with North Carolina Citizens for International Understanding.

Ruth Russell Gray, AB'43, retired from law practice and lives in central Florida, where she does some labor arbitration.


Marjorie Clemens Hartwig, AB'44, MBA'44, and Joseph D. Hartwig, PhB'44, MBA'44, write that 1994 was "a year of 50s": the GSB reunion in May, the College reunion in June, and their anniversary at the end of the year.

Ruth Holland Waddell, AB'44, see 1949, John H. Waddell.

45 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

Doris Arnett Gurney, PhB'45, writes, "It's hard to imagine being one of those old fogies attending a 50th reunion in 1995, but it may happen."

Ernst R. Jaffe, SB'45, MD'48, SM'48, of Tenafly, NJ, is looking forward to his reunion.


Bernard A. Galler, PhB'46, SB'47, PhD'55, is the founder and president of the Software Patent Institute, a nonprofit corporation that helps the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office with software applications.


John R. Anderson, AB'47, see Barbara R. Anderson, PhB'43.

George M. Davies, PhB'47, MD'52, retired but is active in his local Congregational church, and still attends American Psychiatric Association meetings.

Albert W. Demmler, Jr., PhB'47, X'48, is senior editor for the magazines division of the Society of Automotive Engineers. He and wife Donna live in New Kensington, PA.

Enid Harris Galler, AB'47, AM'50, is interviewing University of Michigan faculty and administrators about their professional careers.

Robert E. Howard, PhB'47, of Arkansas, writes: "Praise Rockefeller, from whom oil blessings flow. Viva Sinaiko, a Herman."

Louis E. Kriesberg, PhB'47, AM'50, PhD'53, was named the Maxwell professor of social-conflict studies at Syracuse University, after eight years as director of Syracuse's Program on the Analysis and Resolution of Conflicts.

Charles B. Macklin, AM'47, of Carlsbad, CA, is "still alive, with happy memories."

C. Phil Richman, AB'47, does public-relations consulting for clients in the arts. He and wife Julie, an artist, are busy visiting and entertaining their grandchildren: two each in Chicago, Miami, and Oklahoma City.

Paul R. Simon, AB'47, MBA'47, traveled to St. Petersburg and Scandinavia. He observes, "Compared to past trips to the same area, it seems like decline has set in-economy, attitudes, appearance of people, and structures."


Virginia L. Ames, MBA'48, writes, "I would not have been able to go to Florida for the winter if I hadn't used knowledge from my M.B.A."

A former quality engineer at Abbott Laboratories, William L. Lieberman, AB'48, MBA'50, received the 1994 Edward J. Oakley award from the Midwest quality-conference board of the American Society for Quality Control.

John W. Morris, PhB'48, wrote "Principles of Justice in Health Care Allocation" for a biomedical ethics class at William Rainey Harper College. Submitted to Hillary Clinton's health-care task force, it was published in the Harper Anthology of Academic Writing.

John E. Saveson, AM'48, started a book-publishing company, Mainesburg Press, in New Albany, OH. The press published his first novel, Expense of Spirit, in October.

Barbara Jean Jacobson Seymour, PhB'48, AM'62, a gender-identity counselor for cross-dressers and transsexuals in Portland, OR, was featured in the Portland Downtowner.

Jane A. Simmons, AB'48, retired June 12, 1993, after 38 years as a high-school counselor. The next day she opened her office, AMCAP, in Wilmette, as an independent college counselor.

Peter Small, PhB'48, SB'50, is semi-retired after 40 years as an advertising copywriter and president of a mail-order company. He has won many prizes for his abstract clay sculpture.

In March 1993, Jerome M. Ziegler, AM'48, became professor emeritus at Cornell University. He teaches part time and works with the National Executive Service Corps in New York, conducting leadership seminars for public high-school principals in New York; Washington, DC; and Philadelphia.


Harry E. Groves, JD'49, serves on the ABA's accreditation committee as well as its council on legal education and admissions to the bar. He also chairs the U.S. Olympic Committee's ethics committee.

James J. Mongé, AB'49, is a senior surgeon at Duluth Clinic and a clinical professor at the University of Minnesota, Duluth Medical School. His four children are ages 16 to 21.

John H. Waddell, X'49, and wife Ruth Holland Waddell, AB'44, conceived the idea for a sculpture memorializing the four victims of the 1963 racial bombing of a Birmingham, AL, church. The sculpture, That Which Might Have Been, Birmingham 1963, is located at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Phoenix. A campaign has begun to place a bronze casting of the sculpture at the Birmingham church.

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50 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

Donald L. Berry, DB'50, the Harry Emerson Fosdick emeritus professor of philosophy and religion at Colgate University, is president of the Conference of Anglican Theologians.

Jay M. Sawilowsky, AB'50, has practiced law in Augusta, GA, for the past 37 years.

James L. Weil, AB'50, is curator of the John Keats bicentennial exhibition at the Grolier Club.


Kathryn Ernstes Bailey, AM'51, retired from nursing in 1982 after several administrative posts. She has lived in Greensburg, IN, since the 1991 death of her husband, Raymond O. Bailey, AM'50.

An assistant professor of pathology at the Evansville branch of Indiana University's medical school, Rodney F. Porro, AB'51, is a board-certified pathologist practicing in Evansville and Hendevso, KY.

On July 1, Clifford B. Reifler, AB'51, retired as director of the University of Rochester health service and became professor emeritus of health services and psychiatry. He continues as executive editor of the Journal of American College Health and looks forward to consulting and voluntary board participation.


Hubert C. Huebl, AB'52, continues to practice surgery in Dearborn, MI.

Willa Samors Lawall, AB'52, AM'55, PhD'58, writes, "The union cards are on the way: Daughter Julia (in computer science at Indiana) and son Mark (in classical archaeology at Michigan) successfully defended dissertations" last summer.

Arnold D. Richards, AB'52, is editor of the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association.


Pearl Hsai Chen, PhD'53, and husband Franklin wrote an award-winning article, "An Evaluation of Various Explanations of Postwar Japan's Spectacular Economic Success," published by Norfolk State University in 1987.

Ross L. Federico, AM'53, retired from teaching in 1986, lives in North Carolina, and enjoys volunteer work, travel, and writing.

Sheldon A. Patinkin, AB'53, AM'56, is in his 15th year as chair of the theater/music department at Columbia College in Chicago. Patinkin directed Second City's 35th anniversary retrospective and this spring is directing a Frank Loesser revue that he devised for the National Jewish Theater in Skokie. He is an artistic consultant at both theaters.


Robert P. Anderson, AM'51, PhD'54, adminstrator of the South Plains Foundation in Lubbock, TX, retired as psychology professor emeritus at Texas Tech University in 1992.

55 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

Last spring, Norman G. Swenson, AB'55, MBA'61, represented the American Federation of Teachers as an international observer of South Africa's first all-race elections.


Robert Baumruk, AM'56, teaches a Czech language course for adult beginners at the Masaryk School in Cicero.

Malcolm I. Page, MD'56, is vice president of medical affairs for University Hospital in Augusta, GA.


Mary ("Alzina") Stone Dale, AM'57, spoke on her "chequered career" at a Divinity School brunch on Ash Wednesday 1994.

One with Nature. Click here for image.
A Multipurpose Mere: Not only was Botany Pond the site of the annual fraternity tug of war (photo from 1957), but also the perfect place in which to toss first-years or Maroon editors or to propose to a sweetheart while standing on the bridge.


Cecily Raysor Hancock, AM'58, published the article "`If He Would Have' and `If He Didn't'" in the Fall 1993 American Speech. She cares for her 96-year-old mother and makes "occasional library forays in pursuit of scholarly hobbies of a frivolous sort." Her son, his wife, and Hancock's 2-year-old grandson visit and send photos.


Jane Levenberg Schram Gerber, AM'59, a psychotherapist and trainer of family therapists, received the American Academy for Marriage and Family Therapy research and education prize for co-authoring The Satir Model: Family Therapy and Beyond.

Lee S. Shulman, AB'59, AM'60, PhD'63, the Charles E. Ducommun professor of education at Stanford, received the E. L. Thorndike prize from the American Psychological Association for career contributions to educational psychology.

Lettie McSpadden Wenner, AB'59, was 1993-94 chair of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Environmental Advisory Board.

Tony and Susan, a novel by Austin M. Wright, AM'48, PhD'59, was reissued in paperback last summer and has been translated into eight languages.

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60 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

David L. James, JD'60, is president of Business Strategies International, a San Francisco-based Asia-Pacific consulting and venture-development firm.

On October 14, Charles E. Larsen, AB'60, AM'69, gave his eighth annual seminar on the occult.

Patricia G. Toalson, AB'60, has retired as co-owner of Island Women Construction after a decade on Nantucket. Toalson returned to full-time counseling at Cape Cod Human Services and to her private practice, Counseling for Women, in West Barnstable, MA. She reports, "My U of C varsity basketball MVP trophy is on my desk."


W. Wesley Durland, DB'61, has served as a United Church of Christ pastor in Atwood, IL; Gary, IN; Denver, CO; and Arlington, WA. He also was a prison chaplain in Washington state and executive director of a rehabilitation center in Seattle. In 1990, he received an honorary doctorate from the New Theological Union.

Mary Renee Cappellini Slater, AM'61, is a senior lecturer in literary studies at the University of the West of England, Bristol. Her three daughters have grown up; one has married and lives in Minneapolis, where Slater visits. In autumn she taught a day school on the film The Piano at Slymarith Arts Center.


David F. Greenberg, SB'62, SM'63, PhD'69, was elected a fellow of the American Society of Criminology. His review of Chicago assistant professor of history George Chauncey's book, Gay New York, appeared in the June 24 New York Times.

In August, Judith E. Stein, AB'62, AM'64, of Chicago, and Judith Goldstein Marks, AB'63, AM'69, of Chapel Hill, NC, had an accidental reunion in London. Marks and her husband are enjoying a year-long sabbatical.


Jonathan Knight, AB'63, and Judith Robbins Knight, AB'63, have built a new home. She has a new job as middle-school math teacher and department head at Georgetown Day School.

Judith Goldstein Marks, AB'63, AM'69, see 1962, Judith E. Stein.

Ingram B. Schwahn, AM'63, president of the Dallas alumni club, represented the University at a college night program in Dallas. William E. Dix, MBA'71, and his 11th-grade daughter, Laura, attended.

Miroslav Synek, PhD'63, who has taught physics and chemistry at the University of Texas at San Antonio since 1975, is listed in Five Hundred Leaders of Influence, Who's Who in the World, and other reference volumes.


John W. Dermody, MBA'64, and his wife live at Air Force Village West, a retirement community for military officers from all branches of the services.

Christopher C. Hong, PhD'64, a New Testament professor at Hapdong Presbyterian Theological Seminary, has had numerous theological writings published.

65 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

A. Howard Carter, AB'65, continues to teach at Eckerd College, but will take leave to teach at UNC-Chapel Hill in 1995-96.

Jerry J. Felmley, MBA'65, spent three weeks in May 1994 visiting Russian space facilities and contractors with a technical-exchange team from the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. "The technical strengths are obvious, and all contacts we made were optimistic," Felmley writes. "Just bring investment capital!"

Glenn E. Loafmann, AB'65, writes, "Class of '65 is going for a real class gift for this reunion-watch this space!"

Fernando Ugarte, MD'65, is a full attending physician in general surgery in Marysville, KS, and is consultant in general surgery at Beatrice Community Hospital in Beatrice, NE. He joined the U of C Surgical Society in October.

Click here for "Right-Minded," a profile of Morris Shechtman, AM'65


Charles L. Gellert, AB'66, wife Susie, and son Jesse have adopted a baby girl, Chana Miriam. She was born March 19, 1994, in Perm, Russia, and came to their home in Washington, DC, on August 21.


Deanna Dragunas Bennett, AB'67, and husband Tom were volunteers on the committee that brought the "Treasures of the Czars" exhibit to St. Petersburg, FL. The exhibit is open through June-classmates in town for the event should call.

Thomas F. Howard, AB'67, AM'73, teaches geography at Armstrong State College in Savannah, GA.

Diane D. Korsower, AB'67, lives in "rural obscurity" on the northern California coast with husband Darius Brotman, a jazz pianist, and children Jada Calypso, 15, and Maximilian Parker, 9. She writes: "First I was a hippie, then I went to medical school, now I am a hippie again. Trying to resuscitate the Life of the Mind."

Lawrence I. Schwartz, AB'67, and Lois Wolf Schwartz, AB'67, AM'72, AM'90, report that "things are quiet careerwise for once" and that their son applied to the College.

Gerrit J. Tenzythoff, AM'61, PhD'67, was awarded an honorary doctorate of humane letters by Drury College in Springfield, MO.

Robert M. Vare, AB'67, AM'70, left the New York Times Magazine after four years and is now articles editor of The New Yorker.


Susan Heim Ford, PhD'69, was chosen Chicago State University's 1994-95 distinguished professor.

Jeanette Pasin Sloan, MFA'69, has an exhibit of her paintings, prints, and drawings through May 7 at the Univerity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She will have a one-woman show in New York in June.

Margaret Cott Zarrelli, AB'69, designs programs and writes grants as the executive assistant for a seven-county community-action agency in Missouri. Her daughter, Anne-Marie, is a second-year College student.

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70 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

Thomas F. Mullaney, Jr., MBA'70, started Mullaney & Associates, a registered investment adviser and broker-dealer in Farmington, CT.

Richard L. Schaper, ThM'70, is senior pastor at St. Mark's Lutheran Church and the founding chair of the San Francisco Interfaith Council.

Fredrick L. Silverman, MAT'70, co-presented a session on using portfolios for math assessment in elementary grades at the NCTE portfolio conference in Scottsdale, AZ, in July. Also in July, Silverman got together with Barry W. Furze, MAT'70, PhD'76, for a Rockies baseball game in Denver.


William E. Dix, MBA'71, see 1963, Ingram B. Schwahn.

Wojciech Komornicki, AB'71, is a mathematics professor at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN. His small computer-consulting company, WNK Consulting, has produced Sitecomp-a graphics-design package for the civil-engineering market-and several finanical- and pension-planning tools. Komornicki can be reached at


Paul B. Bennett, AB'72, married with two daughters, lives in a Manhattan high-rise and is a senior vice president for research at the Federal Reserve in New York.

Hiro Makino, AB'72, MD'77, practices cardiology in Honolulu with Michael Chan, a 1994 U of C cardiology fellow.

Warren J. Paul, AB'75, is senior project manager and manger of the San Francisco Bay Area branch office for GEI Consultants. He is licensed to practice civil engineering in nine states.

H. Alfred Ryan, AB'72, has formed the San Francisco-based law firm of Smith, McDaniel & Donahue with four other attorneys. Specializing in environmental law, Ryan is the managing partner of the firm's Chicago office.

Philip W. Smith, MD'72, edited the second edition of Infection Control in Long-Term Care Facilities.

Roger C. Wiegand, AB'72, is one of about 140 fellows within the Monsanto group of companies. He works with Searle Research and Development.


Matthew M. Franckiewicz, JD'73, submitted the manuscript of his book Winning at the NLRB to BNA Books. He has been included on six permanent arbitration panels and had 13 of his decisions published.

Robert N. Gilbert, AM'73, a social-sciences teacher at Palatine High School (IL) was named the 1994 Hans O. Mauksch teacher by the Georgia Sociological Association.

Don D. Rosenberg, MBA'73, started two businesses in 1994: Anxiety, Addiction and Depression Recovery Services, a private psychology practice, and Solutions Primary Behavioral Healthcare, a managed-care company. Rosenberg's 18-year-old son is a sophomore at Rice.

In 1994, William E. Suddath, MBA'73, and a partner acquired a specialty-fastener manufacturing company. They hope to make one or two acquisitions each of the next five years.

Click here for "Casualty of War," a profile of Enes Kujundzic, AM'73


John P. Kelty, AB'74, enjoys his new home in the coastal town of Scituate, MA.

Kathleen McEntee de la Peña McCook, AM'74, directs the School of Library and Information Science at the University of South Florida, Tampa. She is the author of Toward a Just and Productive Society.

Linda Goluch Phillips, AB'74, MD'78, is chief of the division of plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.

75 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

Stephen M. Baum, AB'75, works on high-end electronic publishing systems at Interleaf.

Warren J. Paul, AB'75, see 1972, Warren J. Paul.


Bernard R. Bonnot, AM'75, PhD'76, is director of community relations for VISN-The Faith and Values Channel, a cable channel that reaches nearly 21 million homes.

Patricia A. Burke, AB'76, and her husband, John Proffitt, announce the 1993 birth of twins, a boy and a girl, just before Christmas.

Barry W. Furze, MAT'70, PhD'76, see 1970, Fredrick L. Silverman.

L. Reagan Upshaw, AM'76, is director of Gerald Peters Gallery in New York and specializes in 19th- and early 20th-century American art.


Eliaser Chaparro, AB'77, and Janice Sowell Chaparro, AB'77, moved to Little Rock, AR. He is an attorney with the Army Corps of Engineers, and she is an assistant director for children and family services with the state. Son Ramón is 14 years old.

Thomas J. D'Alesandro IV, AM'77, is president of Mobil Land Development in Georgia. The corporation is developing a 3,400-acre planned community in an Atlanta suburb.

Michael J. Havercamp, AM'77, received the University of Nevada's Thornton peace prize for his mediation work.

Judith A. Tribbett, AM'77, is director of the national network management and database at Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association in Chicago.

Aizik L. Wolf, AB'77, joined the Miami Neuroscience Center at Health South Doctor's Hospital. Wolf and his wife, a commercial artist, have two daughters, Jaclyn, 6, and Ariel, 4.


John B. Anduri, AM'78, diagnosed with cancer for 20 years, speaks nationally at medical and clerical conferences on men and cancer and the spiritual aspect of surviving cancer. He adds, "My writing and speaking continue to be informed by U of C mentors, especially Eliade, Marty, and Gilkey."

Lee S. Mann, AM'78, announces the birth of daughter Rebecca, who joins Jonathan, 7, and Michael, 4.

Buzz M. Spector, MFA'78, created an installation, "Unpacking my Library," featured in October at the San Diego State University Art Gallery. The exhibit consisted of all the books in Spector's library, arranged from tallest to shortest on a 150-foot shelf.


Andrew R. Porter, AM'79, is manager of the Navy health-professions scholarship program in Arlington, VA.

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80 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

L. Gordon Crovitz, AB'80, is the publisher and editor of the Far Eastern Economic Review, an Asian business newsweekly based in Hong Kong and owned by Dow Jones.


Arturo Gutierrez, MBA'81, is vice president of finance at Almegro Company, a Chilean real-estate and development business.

Renée Colwill Lovelace, MBA'81, is a home-based attorney specializing in estate planning for families with disabled children. She chairs the legal alliance for the Texas Alliance for the Mentally Ill and a Dallas Bar Association committee to set up a pro bono legal clinic for the mentally ill. She and husband Joe have a toddler, Jessica Jo.

Thomas R. Miller, MBA'81, and wife Karen announce the September 26 birth of son David Theodore Roy.

Wendy Beth Oliver, AB'81, quit corporate law to travel alone for a year in Asia and Latin America. She is now a part-time lawyer in Portland, OR, and is working on a travel book. In August, Oliver visited Theodore Beutel, AB'84, JD'89, in Las Vegas, where he practices law with a private firm.


Michael J. Gerhardt, JD'82, took a one-year leave from teaching law at the College of William & Mary to be a visiting professor at Cornell Law School.

Joseph L. Price, AM'79, PhD'82, is associate editor of the Journal of the American Academy of Religion.

George L. Russell, MBA'82, lives in Racine, WI, and is the worldwide product director for harvesting implements for Case Corporation.

Sandra S. Snook, AB'82, lives in Highland Park, IL, with her children, Ngiste, 6, and Amha, 2. She is a pathologist at Searle Pharmaceutical.


Kevin E. Bright, AB'83, an otolaryngologist, and wife Tamis, an endocrinologist, have a 1-year-old daughter, Jacqueline Marie.

Thomas S. DeNapoli, MD'83, finished Army duty in December 1993 and joined a pathology group in San Antonio, TX. He is a pediatric pathologist at Santa Rosa Children's Hospital.

Lawrence A. Gyenes, MBA'83, joined Helene Curtis as CFO and corporate vice president.

Robert E. Klein, AM'69, PhD'83, retired from business, has "a post-65 career" teaching history at Loyola University Chicago. He recommends "such a rebirth to anyone approaching retirement."

Nancy K. Oyer, AM'83, and husband Jason Sholder, of Beverly Hills, CA, announce the May 16 birth of daughter Rachel.

Catherine Ellis Ryan, AB'86, is operations manager for the Chicago meeting-management firm Ann Becker and Associates. She, husband Michael, and son Ian live in Chicago's Ravenswood neighborhood.


Theodore Beutel, AB'84, JD'89, see 1981, Wendy Beth Oliver.

Debbie R. David, MBA'84, and her husband, Daniel P. Ben-Zvi, announce the July 13 birth of daughter Sarah Emily.

A. Margaret ("Meg") Schellenberg, AB'84, graduated on June 30 with a Ph.D. in theology and church history from Durham University. Before her three years at Durham she spent a year at Oxford, and so looked forward to "returning to America after four years of fish and chips and mushy peas."

85 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

Frederick A. Jubitz, III, AB'85, MBA'89, married Judy McLean on August 13 at the Adirondack Community Church in Lake Placid, NY. Reverend Eric A. Zimmer, X'85, participated in the ceremony. Groomsmen included Alexander V. Stern, AB'86; Eric D. Kogan, MBA'89; and Craig C. Parker, AB'91. Jenifer A. Steig, MBA'89, was a bridesmaid. In attendance were Todd Schwebel, X'86; and James P. Gordon, Jr., MBA'89. Jubitz is a director of travel industries with American Express Travel Related Services in Manhattan.

Mary Moon, PhD'85, received the Roon award from the Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology for her paper on corrosion resistance properties of organic paint films.

Herbert W. Silverman, AB'85, is director of development for arc/georgia, a nonprofit advocacy agency for people with disabilities.


Peter T. Allen, AM'83, MBA'86, is a vice president and chief market strategist in the emerging markets group at Kidder, Peabody. He had been financial adviser to Poland's minister of finance during the nation's recent foreign-debt restructuring.

Mark M. Banaszak-Holl, SB'86, and Jane C. Banaszak-Holl, AB'86, announce the April 14, 1994, birth of son Clement Monroe. Mark teaches chemistry and Jane community health at Brown University.

Maxim A. Chasanov, AB'86, and wife Jill have two daughters: Dior Rachel, born in April 1994, and Chanel Gail, who was 2 years old in November. Chasanov belongs to a private psychiatry practice in Barrington, IL.

Rebecca C. Dunn, AB'86, earned a Ph.D. in zoology and genetics from Duke University. A brown belt in martial arts, she has a post-doctoral position at the University of Iowa.

George E. Grace, MBA'86, is managing director at the Wall Street offices of Galbreath Company, which provides real-estate services for commercial tenants.

Catherine Ellis Ryan, AB'86, see 1983, Catherine Ellis Ryan.

Click here for "Trading Places," a profile of Lucy Wang, MBA'86


Elise Masiée, AB'87, JD'93, and Stephen M. Kramarsky, JD'93, were married May 29 in Concord, MA. In attendance were Anthony Bergamino, Jr., JD'88; Nancy S. Eisenhauer, AB'89, JD'93; Evelyn L. Becker, JD'93; Patricia Yurchak Flaming, JD'93; Todd H. Flaming, JD'93; Christopher A. Lidstad, JD'93; Thomas R. Marton, JD'93; and Ann T. Reading, JD'93. The couple live in New York.

Jeffrey E. Ostrow, AB'87, see 1991, Tony J. Fisher.

In September 1994, Alison M. McElhinney, AB'87, earned her M.S. in information systems from Drexel University.

Pauline Boone Tsai, AB'87, is a pediatrics resident at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, CA.


Susan Henderson Brown, MBA'88, married Steve Brown on May 29, 1993, after becoming reacquainted with him at their 15-year high-school reunion. She is manufacturing operations manager at Baxter Healthcare.

Rosa Abramowitz Dembitzer, AB'88, works in New York real estate after taking time off for parenthood. Previously she was in international banking.

Mary K. Hamilton-Smith, AM'88, was named a 1994 Woman of Achievement by the YWCA of northeastern Illinois. She is working on an American Association of Museums national project to expand education in American museums.


C. Nenetzin Gerald, AB'89, who recently gave birth to a son, is finishing her master's in ecology and evolutionary biology at Princeton. She worked for 18 months in Rwanda, studying mountain-gorilla behavior.

Antonio McDaniel, PhD'89, is an associate professor of sociology and a member of the Population Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

Robert C. Vail II, MBA'89, and wife Anne announce the June 6 birth of daughter Emma.

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90 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

Katherine M. Casey, AB'90, worked at Chapin Hall after graduation, then earned her degree at Columbia Teachers College. Living in Brooklyn, she is in her second year of teaching at a Manhattan public school.

James A. Cotton, MBA'90, is a senior consultant in the banking and investment services practice of KPMG Peat Marwick. He hopes to hear from those who wish to join the firm.

John P. Lenihan III, MBA'90, is director of product management and market development at the switching-systems division of Rockwell International in Downers Grove, IL.

Patrick J. H. R. Malto, AB'90, attends National Chenchi University in Taipei, Taiwan, as part of a Council on International Educational Exchange program.

Dianna Quan, AB'90, works hard but loves her medical internship at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Mark F. Sasse, AB'90, is doing an internal-medicine residency in Rochester, NY.


Tony J. Fisher, SM'87, PhD'91, reports that Jeffrey E. Ostrow, AB'87, and his wife, Elizabeth, became parents to son Robbie on April 29, 1994.

Kathryn M. Howell, AB'91, will graduate in May from the master of library science and information technology program at the University of Illinois.

Karen M. Johnston, JD'91, and Gavin C. Dowell, MBA'93, JD'93, were married September 17 at the New England Aquarium. Tisa K. Hughes, JD'91, was a bridesmaid, while Robert D. Cheifetz, JD'92, and George A. Eberstadt, MBA'93, were groomsmen. In attendance were Sean H. Donahue, JD'92; Marshall P. Horowitz, JD'92; Sandra E. Raitt, JD'92; and Katherine T. E. Ward, JD'92.

Jennifer Vugteveen Trimark, AM'91, see 1992, Jeffrey R. Trimark.


DeWitt H. John, Jr., AM'69, PhD'92, received the William Anderson award from the American Political Science Association for his doctoral dissertation on civic environmentalism, published in revised form in 1994. John, his wife, Jane, and their two teenagers live in Washington, DC, where he directs the Center on Development and the Environment at the National Academy of Public Administration.

Naval Lt. Jeffrey R. Trimark, MD'92, and Jennifer Vugteveen Trimark, AM'91, were married in November 1991 and are stationed in Yokosuka, Japan. As squadron medical officer, he is in charge of nine ships' medical departments, while Jennifer is a clinical social worker at the naval hospital. In 1994, Jeffrey traveled to Vladivostok and met with Russian naval doctors.


Gavin C. Dowell, MBA'93, JD'93, see 1991, Karen M. Johnston.

Stephen M. Kramarsky, JD'93, see 1987, Elise Masiée.

Dana A. Mitroff, AM'93, works as a videographer on the Brown-Campione research project for Berkeley's Graduate School of Education.

Carrie D. Oyer, AB'93, and Thomas W. Scanlon, SB'93, were married June 17 in Stanley, ID. She is pursuing a Ph.D. in nutrition at Tufts, and he is in a Ph.D program in mathematics at Harvard.


Edward J. Bock, MBA'94, came out of retirement to work pro bono as COO of Maryville Academy, the largest child-care residential agency in Illinois.

James E. ("Ted") Bourne IV, AB'94, lives in New York, where he plans to work in film production for one year, then begin a master's degree in film.

Allan M. Douglass, MBA'94, enjoyed the September 10 dinner at which he officially received his M.B.A., 39 years after he graduated from the Executive M.B.A. Program.

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