The University of Chicago Magazine February 1996
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Are We Having Fun Yet?

As Chicago debates the life of the mind versus the life of the party, an alumnus returns to seek merriment amid the Gothic gloom.

By Bob Levey

Photography by Matthew Gilson

Midnight at 57th and Woodlawn. As I tromp toward the corner through a dusting of snow, I notice a couple. They are lounging beside a traffic light--young, dressed in heavy coats, surely students.

I draw close. They draw much closer. The female of the couple arches up onto tiptoes. The male of the couple plants a large kiss on her lips. His arms fly around her, hers fly around him. They kiss again. And again.

As I pass, trying to be 3 feet tall, I hear her say:

"Fun. Mmmmmm, yes. Fun."


Bob Levey, AB'66, is a columnist for the Washington Post and vice president of the Alumni Association's Board of Governors .

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