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December 1997


Dating back to its shows of Picasso and Brancusi in the 1920s and '30s, the Renaissance Society has a tradition of ex-hibiting challenging new artists. Now that tradition reaches be-yond the walls of Cobb Hall's Bergman Gallery to the World Wide Web. Visitors can view pieces by the artist currently being featured-installations by Spanish sculptor Cristina Iglesias were on display through December 21-as well as catch a glimpse of upcoming events, or read about past exhibits before taking a virtual tour of them. The site includes a newsletter and offers the opportunity to purchase publications, CD-ROMS, and posters.

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Value-driven: GSB alumnus and former faculty member Scholes wins Nobel

From Skanukkah to social action

A quartet of humanists

Ever the twain shall meet

Studying how working families work

Plus: Birdwatching - For the Record

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