Frederic Chopin and His Publishers, February 2-April 10. Surveying the publishing history of Chopin's music, this exhibition features first editions of well-known waltzes, tarantelles, and nocturnes; images of Chopin and his associates;
facsimiles of autographed manuscripts; and later editions prepared by Chopin's students and performers of his music. Special Collections; call 773/703-8705.

Iolanthe, March 12ñ15. The Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Company and the University Chamber Orchestra present this operatic satire of government, the legal system, motherhood, and Felix Mendelssohn. Mandel Hall; call 773/702-8069.

The Cherry Orchard and An Ideal Husband, March 15-May 3. In its annual rotating repertory, Court Theatre presents Anton Chekhovís final work and Oscar Wildís comedy of political manners. The Cherry Orchard centers on a once-great Russian family and the loss of their estate. In An Ideal Husband, Sir Robert Chiltern, a successful English politician, finds his career and marriage threatened when a Mrs. Cheveley blackmails him. Court Theatre; call 773/753-4472.

Takacs Quartet, April 17 at 8 p.m. Founded in 1975 and embodying the central European quartet tradition, the Takacs Quartet-in their first performance in Mandel Hall-performs Mozartís Quartet in D Major, K. 499, Hoffmeister; Bartakís Quartet no. 4; and Beethovenís Quartet in E Minor, op. 59, no. 2. Mandel Hall; call 773/702-8068.

Hebrew Culture in Israel: A Fifty Year Retrospective (1948ñ1998), April 19ñ21. This colloquium of scholars, artists, and writers celebrates the 50th anniversary of the nation of Israel. Conference sessions will explore Israeli literature, history, journalism, theater, law, and music. The event concludes with a panel on Israelís future as a Middle Eastern state. Call 773/702-1029.

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