"Even liberal politicians join their conservative brethren in scapegoating criminals as the source of many of our problems, as the source of a good deal of our fears and much of our unhappiness. The media join in by creating the appearance of a crime-saturated environment. On television, the crime dramas, the cop shows, the crime reportage on the news, convince people that there is a criminal, a thug, a drug addict-a black drug addict-lurking in every shadow."
-Angela Davis, a professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and the guest speaker at Rockefeller Chapel’s Martin Luther King, Jr., Day celebration

"More than half of Americans say they had to hire a lawyer sometime in the last five years. This is a society that seems to be awash in litigation.'People blame us (lawyers), not unreasonably, for all of this, especially since we’re there making money in those tort lawsuits."
-Scott Turow, Chicago attorney, author of Presumed Innocent, and a Marjorie Kovler visiting fellow

[Chicago Journal]

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