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In December 2001 the Magazine joined with the University of Chicago Alumni Association to create a monthly e-bulletin. Currently sent to 58,107 alumni, UCHICAGO.EDU offers links to University and alumni news and programming. If you would like to be added to the e-mail list, write

Welcome to the February issue of UCHICAGO.EDU, a monthly e-bulletin bringing you online news about the University of Chicago and its larger community of alumni and friends.

The February/06 University of Chicago Magazine is in the mail--and it's also online at:

Here's a sampling from the February issue:

photo:  beyond belief* Beyond Belief
As American evangelicals drive the evolution-versus-intelligent design debate, religious Chicago students find ways to square their convictions with critical thinking:

* Due South
After decades of mistrust and misunderstanding, the University is getting reacquainted with its south-of-the-Midway neighbor, Woodlawn:

* Pipe Dream or Paradigm Shift?
You say bubbles, he says biocompatible surfactant. For 15 years Chicago biochemist Raphael Lee has worked to bring a revolutionary therapy to trauma patients:

News from Chicago

* Hat Trick for Biomedicine

A trio of major gifts will keep Chicago at the forefront of medical research:

Kids' Medicine Gets Record Booster Shot
Lands' End founder Gary Comer and his wife Francie have given $42 million to create the Comer Center for Children and Specialty Care. It's the single largest gift in the history of the University and the Hospitals—and it adds to $42 million the Comers have given since 2001:

photo:  knappsKnapps Underwrite New Facility
A $25 million gift from Chicagoans Jules and Gwen Knapp will help fund construction of a ten-story, state-of-the-art facility for research in children's health, cancer, and other specialties. The Gwen and Jules Knapp Center for Biological Discovery is scheduled for completion in early 2008:

Searle Gift Sparks Cross-City Consortium
The Searle Funds at the Chicago Community Trust has given $5 million to the Chicago Biomedical Consortium (CBC), a collaboration of Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, and the University of Illinois at Chicago. The grant, the first of five planned gifts, will support both multi-institutional research and education:

Research at Chicago

* How Words Process the World
Does a person's native language affect the way she views reality? The answer, according to research by a team from Berkeley and Chicago, is Yes--but only in the right half of the visual field:

* Big Divide in the Big Easy
A new study by Chicago political scientists shows that sharp racial gaps between blacks and whites are undermining New Orleans' rebuilding process in the wake of Hurricane Katrina:

* Just in Time for Valentine's Day
In the nation's first survey of altruistic love, the University's National Opinion Research Center has found that people with strong feelings of love for people in general are more likely to have strong romantic relationships. If you're among those still looking for love, take heart—the survey shows that altruism is on the rise:

Today @ UChiBLOGo

* The Names Behind the Buildings
The Magazine's Web log provides some back story on Jules and Gwen Knapp:

From the University of Chicago Alumni Association

photo:  bevington*Faculty Speaker in Your Town
Chicago professors take to the road, lecturing in 17 cities in February and March. Here’s the line-up: February 14 in downtown Chicago, computer scientist Rick Stevens on “Computers and Biology”; February 25 in Phoenix, economist Don Coursey on “Western Water Rights and Wrongs”; March 4 in San Diego and March 12 in Philadelphia, economist Allen Sanderson on “If You Build it, They May Come—But You’ll Probably Be Sorry (The Economics of Sports)”; March 5 in Palo Alto, legal scholar Richard Epstein on “The Legal Framework of Urban Development”; March 8 in Chicago, comparative literature scholar Michael Murrin on “A Grimm Look at Folktales”; March 9 on Chicago’s South Side and March 19 in San Francisco, mythologist Wendy Doniger on “The Woman Who Pretended to be Who She Was”; March 11 in Baltimore, political scientist and dean of the Social Sciences Mark Hansen on “American Politics in the New Partisan Era” ; March 16 in St. Louis, political economist Charles Lipson on “America’s Global Challenges”; and March 26 in Milwaukee, drama scholar David Bevington on “Shakespeare Faces Retirement.” For details:

* Psst…Wanna Help Choose the Next Generation of Chicago Undergrads?
The Alumni Schools Committee (ASC) is a network of College alumni who recruit and interview high-school students for Chicago. Volunteers represent the U of C at college fairs, speak with students at informal receptions, and interview applicants on behalf of the Admissions Office. Your inside perspective is a terrific asset in selecting the most interesting and dynamic students and getting them excited about a Chicago education. For more information or to sign up as an Alumni Schools Committee volunteer:

Chicago alumni are also needed to chair the Alumni Schools Committee effort in seven important regions: Miami, FL; Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Toledo, OH; St. Louis, MO; and Wisconsin. To learn more about these leadership opportunities, please contact ASC Director Gerald Doyle, AB'81, at

* Chicago’s Inquiring Minds—Online
The magic of cinema, free speech in wartime, evolving brains, killer bacteria, and Renaissance demonology are the hot topics featured on Research at Chicago, a Web site introducing you to the people and ideas that make the University a world center of research and learning. Through video interviews, lectures, news stories, and multimedia presentations, Research at Chicago shares research findings and provides a greater understanding of innovative work across the disciplines. Visit:

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