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In December 2001 the Magazine joined with the University of Chicago Alumni Association to create a monthly e-bulletin. Currently sent to 60,178 alumni, UCHICAGO.EDU offers links to University and alumni news and programming. If you would like to be added to the e-mail list, write

Welcome to the July issue of UCHICAGO.EDU, a monthly e-bulletin bringing you online news about the University of Chicago and its larger community of alumni and friends.

News from Chicago

Valerie Jarrett and James Madura* Hospitals Shifts Leadership
James Madara, dean of the Biological Sciences Division (BSD) and VP for medical affairs, added a new job title July 1: he's now also CEO of the U of C Medical Center, overseeing the Hospitals, the Pritzker School of Medicine, and BSD clinical programs. Meanwhile Valerie Jarrett, a U of C trustee since 2001 and vice chair of the Hospitals board since 2002, has been named chair of the U of C Medical Center Board and also chair of its executive committee.

* Something to Remember Him By
With a recent acquisition from the estate of Nobel Prize-winning novelist Saul Bellow, X'39, who taught at Chicago for 30 years, the University Library's Bellow archive now contains all of his professional papers:

Research at Chicago

* You're More Likely to Get a Good Night's Sleep Tonight...
....if you fall into one of these categories: female, white, or relatively well off. A U of C Hospitals study has found that people sleep even less than they think--and much less than they should. In research published in the July American Journal of Epidemiology, health studies associate professor Diane Lauderdale, AM'79, AM'81, chronicled the sleep characteristics of 669 middle-aged adults and found that on average, people sleep 6.13 hours per night, although they spend 7.51 hours in bed:

photo:  From Dark Matter, A Web of Light* From Dark Matter, A Web of Light
Using data that details how galaxies were arranged seven billion years ago, Chicago astrophysicists produced a computer simulation of dark matter corralling luminous matter into galaxies and galaxy clusters during the big bang. Reported in the June 20 Astrophysical Journal, the findings bolster a popular big-bang theory, but offer finer detail than before and do not rely--as earlier models do--on a complex set of assumptions:

Today @ UChiBLOGo

* Summer Knockouts
The Magazine’s Web log hangs out at the Ratner Super Summer Sports Camp:

From the University of Chicago Alumni Association

photo:  Alumni Weekend* Online Smiles: Scenes from Alumni Weekend
More than 3,000 alumni and friends returned to campus June 1–4 for the annual Alumni Weekend, traveling from 32 states and 14 foreign countries. To relive events—or to see what you missed—go to the Alumni Weekend wrap-up and the 2006 Photo Album:

* Time to Nominate the Next Alumni Award Winners
Help the Alumni Association recognize achievement and outstanding service by nominating Chicago graduates for the 2007 Alumni Awards. Nominations are due October 16, and winners will be honored during the 2007 Alumni Weekend. For an online nomination form:

* Job Openings in Alumni Relations and Development
If you have an interest in providing programs and services for your fellow alumni or in raising support for your alma mater, this is the time to act. Several job openings are available in both alumni relations and development. For information on positions and to fill out an electronic application:

The Magazine Has a Deal for You

* A Special Offer from Chicago Classifieds
Advertise your vacation home rental in the October/06 issue of the University of Chicago Magazine, and we'll cut you a deal: $25 for up to 25 words. Please note that our deadlines have moved up: August 1 for Oct/06 issue; October 1 for the December/06 issue. For more information, write:

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UCHICAGO.EDU is a joint project of the University of Chicago Magazine and the University of Chicago Alumni Association. Please send your comments and suggestions to