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What's the news? We are always eager to receive your news at the Magazine, care of the Class News Editor, University of Chicago Magazine, 5757 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, IL 60637, or by E-mail: No engagements, please. Items may be edited for space. As news is published in the order in which it arrives, it may not appear immediately.

Please specify the year under which you would like your news to appear. Otherwise, we will list: (1) all former undergraduates (including those who later received graduate degrees) by the year of their undergraduate degree, and (2) all former students who received only graduate degrees by the year of their final degree.

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  • Phlight of Phantasy. Click here for image.
    Aerial antics: Doubling as sport and art, Acrotheatre combined elements of gymnastics, ballet, and the circus. Directed by gymnastics coach Erwin "Bud" Beyer, AB'39, it flourished in the 1940s-50s, earning mentions in Life and Look. Midnight Phantasy (1951), told the story of Suzette, a department-store alterations girl, and Jimmy, the stock boy she loves but who is infatuated with "the Season's number one Deb." Working late to finish the deb's gown, Suzette and Jimmy fall asleep, and the toys and dress models come to life. Above, some mischievous "mice" watch as cats Nathaniel Risley, AB'51, and Twila Richmond, X'53, rehearse a seat bounce on the trampoline.

    Alumni Profiles

  • "Family Matters," Betty Williams, AM'61
  • "Research Pro," Anne C. Petersen, AB'66, SM'72, PhD'73
  • "Mutual Respect," Joe Mansueto, AB'78, MBA'80
  • 24

    Five years ago, Howard M. Landau, PhB'24, and Herbert H. Heyman, PhB'31, retired commercial real-estate developers, started the Community Ventures Program through the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs. Investors in the program (they are looking for more) provide start-up money for building affordable housing in Chicago's low-income communities. The 30th anniversary celebration of the JCUA included a tribute to Landau and Heyman.

    25 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

    Herbert A. Ball, SB'25, lives at Highland Farms, a retirement community in Black Mountain, NC, where a nature trail is named after him.

    Helen Ullman Bibas, PhB'25, age 92, remembers "the happy, informative years of college, the faculty and friends, and the great Jay Berwanger! Wow!"

    James W. Cooksey, PhB'25, writes that his wife died recently after a long stay at a nursing home. His two sons and grandchildren live near his home in Greenwich, CT.

    Eleanor Westberg Cottrell, SB'25, age 91, is maintaining her home in Ohio.

    At age 90, Leo S. Shapiro, PhB'25, continues his involvement in a learning-in-retirement organization that he helped establish on the Fullerton campus of California State University.


    James A. Conner, SB'26, and his wife, Ann P. Conner, AM'43, "have retired and are happy about it."

    Donald J. Sabath, SB'26, MD'31, writes, "Friends of my generation, like the leaves of the trees, are falling down. I and my immediate family are still hanging on."

    Virginia Harvey Winter, PhB'26, has been "blessed with good health and wonderful friends," with whom she celebrated her 90th birthday on September 11.


    Elizabeth Wyant Martin, SB'27, has written a biography of her family-from her great-grandparents to her grandchildren.


    Mildred Bryan Marion, PhB'28, is the national executive secretary for the Delta Mu Delta business-administration honor society.


    Harry A. Scherubel, SB'29, travels overseas and is still in good health.

    30 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

    Elise Rosenwald Schweich, PhB'30, just celebrated her 62nd wedding anniversary. She has four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, but finds it "impossible to think the years number 85+." She remains active in Project Springboard to Learning.

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    Lawrence R. Brainard, SB'31, AM'39, and Jane Blair Brainard, PhB'34, are "slowing down a little-but still doing fine."

    On December 11, Alexander Coutts, PhB'31, celebrated his 90th birthday by performing a benefit concert of spirituals, folk songs, and arias at Hyde Park's First Unitarian Church.

    Herbert H. Heyman, PhB'31, see 1924, Howard M. Landau.

    This past spring, James M. Sheldon, Jr., PhB'31, and wife Isabelle moved to Harbour's Edge retirement home in Delray Beach, FL.


    Lucy Riddell Huntington, PhB'32, and husband Donald moved to the White Oak Estates (SC) retirement complex in April 1993 and celebrated their 61st anniversary in September 1994. Son Don works for Procter & Gamble; Charles is with Robert Morris & Associates; and David makes prosthetics and orthotics. Grandson Richard is a fourth-year student at Hershey Medical College, while granddaughter Sarah is an occupational therapist in Atlanta.

    Milton H. Pettit III, PhB'32, who spent most of his life in Wisconsin, continues to admire the University.

    Nathaniel E. Reich, MD'32, an emeritus professor of medicine, retired after 63 years of practice. The author of several textbooks and poetry collections, Reich has lectured on six continents and met with a dozen heads of state. His paintings are exhibited in four museums and private collections.

    John H. Tiernan, PhB'32, gardens, fishes, hunts, and is involved in amateur radio. In his work with the Oregon-California Trail Association, he explores and marks 150-year-old covered-wagon migration trails.


    Fred H. Sills, PhB'33, age 82, says the best thing that ever happened to him was his education.

    Winifred E. Weter, AM'30, PhD'33, took the "excellent" Alumni Association trip to Alaska in August; in April, she traveled to Egypt, Israel, and Jordan.


    Geraldine Smithwick Alvarez, PhB'34, ran into Donald P. MacMillan, SB'34, PhD'38, in Los Alamos, NM. She reports, "He is `sort of' retired from his scientific project there, and rumor has it that he makes the world's best chocolate-covered orange peel!" Alvarez wishes more classmates could have made it to their "great" 60th reunion.

    Jane Blair Brainard, PhB'34, see 1931, Lawrence R. Brainard.

    Esther Goodman Gershon, PhB'34, and Sol Gershon, SB'34, SM'35, PhD'38, celebrated their 60th anniversary on September 2.

    Earnest K. Jordan, PhB'34, and Dorothy Fuhrman Jordan, PhB'34, found their 60th reunion "a bit strenuous," but still enjoyable-and hope to make it to the next one.

    35 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

    John W. Auld, AB'35, writes, "It's been a long, long time since I've seen the Midway. My main interests now are community service, college of the Siskiyou's, and the local Humane Society."

    This past summer, Jane Hebert Gurney, X'35, moved to a retirement community where she "won't have to worry about lawns, leaves, and snow."

    Howard Mauthe, SB'35, PhD'41, MD'43, see 1940, Chester B. Powell.


    H. Todd Stradford, SB'36, MD'38, rode on a Memorial Day-parade float in Columbia, MO, that honored the veterans of D-Day.


    Dena Polacheck Epstein, AB'37, has sold her house and moved to a condominium. She volunteers in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra archives, making an inventory of music not in the current repertory.

    William J. Kirby, AB'37, is "enjoying a wonderful life."

    Stephen Stepanchev, AB'37, AM'38, wrote several poems that appeared in the December issue of Poetry.

    John D. Worcester, PhB'37, MBA'40, age 83, is in good health and enjoying California.


    Floyd K. Haas, AB'38, writes, "Just celebrated my 80th birthday and feel 90!"

    Margaret Fox Reed, AB'38, AM'40, PhD'51, and Richard Y. Reed, PhD'52, spent an afternoon in Itasska State Park, "one of the most beautiful parks in the world."

    George E. Reedy, AB'38, retired as a professor at Marquette University, but still teaches political communications and analysis part time. Reedy is also a member of the President's Commission on White House Fellowships.

    Adolph Weinstock, MD'38, retired in 1992 and enjoys ElderHostels and People to People tours with his wife.


    In 1995, Frederick C. Bock, AB'39, PhD'50, will chair a reunion of the 509th Composite Group, the Army Air Force unit that dropped atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima during World War II. The reunion, to be held in Albuquerque, NM, will mark the 50th anniversary of the bombings.

    Martin Bronfenbrenner, PhD'39, continues to teach economics, economic history, and Japanology on a part-time emeritus basis at Duke University and its Institute of Learning in Retirement.

    Herbert C. Kalk, AB'39, AM'40, is "still hanging in there at 76 years." His children are alumni of New York University, the University of Texas, the University of Wisconsin, and Tufts.

    On October 18, David Kritchevsky, SB'39, SM'42, received the Auenbrugger Medal from the University of Graz in Austria.

    Frieda Panimon Simon, PhD'39, reports that daughter Laura Simon Lupton, AB'67, earned her M.D. in 1971 from the University of Illinois and practices medicine in Janesville, WI.

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    40 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

    K. Jane Morris Bruere, SB'40, practices piano, paints, and swims laps-she is now about 1/3 of the way to her 118-mile goal, the distance across Lake Michigan. She is also a UNICEF co-chair in the Madison, WI, schools for a sixth year. Eileen de Jong Bynes, SB'40, looks forward to her 55th reunion.

    Persis-Jane Peeples Cline, AB'40, volunteers, travels, and enjoys golf with husband John.

    John L. Davenport, AB'40, lives in Newport Beach, CA, in winter and spends summers in Whitehall, MI, where he sees John B. Angelo, AB'48, JD'49, and Shirley Smith Angelo, AB'43.

    Victor H. Dropkin, PhD'40, enjoyed Ishmael by Dan Quinn and recommends it to "all who want to do something about the future of our human descendants."

    Gene W. Farthing, MD'40, is retired. He golfs, reads, and every summer travels to Maine, where his son and family live.

    Hannah Fisk Flack, AB'40, announces the birth of her first great-grandchild, Collin Knopp-Schwyn.

    Chester B. Powell, SB'40, MD'43, enjoys retirement by traveling, skiing, and golfing-he hoped to golf over Christmas with Howard Mauthe, SB'35, PhD'41, MD'43.

    Norma Yerger Queen, AM'40, writes: "Having been born in 1903, I have seen candles and coal-oil lamps taken over by gas and electricity, the horse replaced by the train, bus, car, and plane; the two- or three-story flat or apartment now is up to 40 floors. What is next?"

    Colin G. Thomas, Jr., SB'40, MD'43, enjoyed his 50-year medical-school reunion and continues to serve as a part-time professor of surgery at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


    Robert A. Colby, AB'41, AM'42, PhD'49, has been a docent at the New York Public Library since his 1986 retirement from the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies at Queens College, City University of New York.

    Charlotte Krevitsky Hurwitz, SB'41, and Melvin D. Hurwitz, SM'42, announce the birth of grandson Jacob Samuel Cohn.

    Richard C. Stare, AM'41, retired in July 1983 as director of Clayton College, where he had worked since July 1957. Since then he has held various jobs with public schools and also "worked one week in December 1993 as Santa Claus at the mall…a fun but hairy job."

    Harriet Augustus Swanson, AB'41, "uprooted after 48 years" and moved to a retirement home opposite the Museum of Science and Industry, where she can "see the daily changing colors of Lake Michigan."


    Donald L. Alcott, MD'42, retired from dermatopathology practice and moved to Santa Rosa, CA.

    Thomas A. Arnold, X'42, explains that he didn't graduate because his education was interrupted by World War II.

    Celia Peairs Fay, AM'42, says her Chicago training in social service "proves invaluable in recognizing problems and needs" as a salesperson with Lincoln National Life Insurance Co., where she's worked for the past 40 years.

    Melvin D. Hurwitz, SM'42, see 1941, Charlotte Krevitsky Hurwitz.

    Carolyn Vick Merrifield, SB'42, and husband Richard H. Merrifield, AB'43, MBA'43, planned to celebrate Christmas with a family reunion in New Zealand, where their daughter and son-in-law live.

    Raymond M. Norton, AB'42, JD'48, and Rita Liberman Norton, AB'42, write, "We had such a wonderful time at our 50th reunion; we urge everyone to attend his/hers."

    Calvin P. Sawyier, AB'42, AM'42, practices law, and his wife, Fay Horton Sawyier, AB'44, PhD'64, teaches philosophy "with joy."

    Nancy Gans Spriggs, X'42, a painter with a studio in Soho, left the U of C two quarters before graduating because of the war and getting married. For many years, she ran the New York City League of Women Voters' city seminar.

    This past spring, Joanne Kuper Zimmerman, AB'42, had a story published in Columbia Pacific University's CPU Review. Another of Zimmerman's stories was published this past fall in Skylark, an annual at Purdue University's Hammond, IN, campus.


    Shirley Smith Angelo, AB'43, see 1940, John L. Davenport.

    Opal Wilson Broner, AB'43, has retired from clinical psychology practice. She attended a spring alumni gathering at Franklin Gallery in New York City.

    Ann P. Conner, AM'43, see 1926, James A. Conner.

    Martha Siefkin Gordon, AB'43, lives in Boulder, CO. One son lives in Colorado, one in Texas, and one in California. Two others live in Australia, where she often visits.

    E. Everett Lefforge, MD'43, has retired, lives in San Jose, CA, and enjoys traveling and gardening.

    Richard H. Merrifield, AB'43, MBA'43, see 1942, Carolyn Vick Merrifield.

    In fall 1994, Richard C. Reed, AB'43, JD'48, and his wife, Darelyn, spent three weeks in a small village in the Swiss Alps.

    Geraldine Willens Sobel, AB'43, had a heart attack and unsuccessful angioplasty in December 1993. She is "in a limited living schedule and doing fine." Her son, Stephen Crocker, was featured in an August 8 Newsweek article, "Birth of the Internet."

    Beryl Brand Walther, PhB'43, reports that her husband, Harold, died on September 3 at age 80. In April they had moved into their newly built home in Anchorage, AK.


    Jack A. Batten, PhB'44, MBA'50, and wife Margaret enjoyed his 50th reunion: "The classes (especially on dinosaurs), the dinner, and the boat trip were terrific, and seeing `friends of long standing' (not old friends!) was even better!"

    A building at the University of Connecticut Health Center has been named for Andrew J. Canzonetti, MD'44, emeritus chair of the University of Connecticut board of trustees. During Canzonetti's 12 years as chair, the center acquired 18 of its 22 endowed chairs, established a residency program linked to leading hospitals in the region, and constructed both its administrative-services building and the hospital addition dedicated to Canzonetti.

    Buel Morley, SB'44, MD'46, looks forward to his 50-year medical-school reunion.

    Fay Horton Sawyier, AB'44, PhD'64, see 1942, Calvin P. Sawyier.

    45 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

    Richard S. Farr, SB'45, MD'46, writes that son Andrew G. Farr, PhD'75, is an associate professor at the University of Washington Medical School.

    B. Elizabeth McKenzie, AM'45, has moved to Covenant Village, a retirement facility in her hometown of Gastonia, NC.

    Dorothy Granquist Petersen, SB'45, MBA'47, reports that the reunion-committee members are working hard: "Fifty years is a magic number…We'll make this a reunion to remember."


    On October 10, Esther W. Currie, AM'46, had her second cataract operation-this time on her right eye. She retired from teaching 20 years ago this past June.

    George H. Faust, PhD'46, professor emeritus of history at Cuyahoga Community College, spoke October 19 at Cleveland State University about his experience of being charged with disloyalty and dismissed from Fenn College (now Cleveland State) during the McCarthy era.

    Esther Langlois, X'46, a licensed psychologist, social worker, and marriage and family therapist, has a private practice in marriage and family counseling. Langlois, who earned her M.S. from Purdue in 1935 and her M.A. from Indiana University in 1957, is a member of the Lakewood (OH) Chamber of Commerce.


    Thomas M. Harwell, Jr., AM'47, will speak on South Texan folklore in April in Philadelphia and in July at the University of Oxford in England. This past summer, he completed his 300th foot race; his races have included one ultra-marathon, seven marathons, and 20 half-marathons. On September 21, he celebrated his 81st birthday for $3.23 at Dairy Queen.

    Shelby J. Light, DB'47, retired on June 1 after more than 63 years of pastoral ministry, the last 18 with the First Congregational Church of Long Beach (CA).

    Marcia Rike Reardan, PhB'47, enjoys interviewing prospective College students and singing with the Oratorio Singers. In July, she toured Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic with the Wesley Singers.

    Henry H. H. Remak, PhD'47, retired from Indiana University in 1987 as professor of Germanic studies, comparative literature, and West European studies. He became director of the university's Institute for Advanced Study and recently "retired" to teach an undergraduate honors seminar and to work on a book. Remak has also been chosen an honorary member of the German Fontane Society and a Sagamore of the Wabash.

    Annie Russell Ricks, PhB'47, and David F. Ricks, AB'48, PhD'56, announce the August 16 birth of their tenth grandchild, "born out of a lawyer by a lawyer," but who "has not yet sued anybody." They are moving east to be near their children.

    Ragene Lamming Rowland, X'47, reports that the August/94 issue of Cleveland magazine wrote of her eldest daughter: "Ann C. Rowland of the U.S. Attorney's office is touted as one of the best in the field."

    Edyth Hull Schoenrich, MD'47, age 75, works full time as director of part-time professional programs at Johns Hopkins University's School of Public Health.


    John B. Angelo, AB'48, JD'49, see 1940, John L. Davenport.

    Edwin G. Bruell, AM'48, was recently honored by the Illinois State Conservancy for his work as a director of the Friends of the Indian Boundary Prairies. A retired chair of the English department at Bremen High School, he was recognized for his public-relations efforts.

    David F. Ricks, AB'48, PhD'56, see 1947, Annie Russell Ricks.

    Joseph P. Shure, PhB'48, MBA'50, retired in 1990 and is a curatorial volunteer two days a week at the Smart Museum.

    Gerald A. Somers, BLS'48, held his first one-man show of 18 paintings last spring at the Brown County Central Library in Green Bay, WI. Somers was library director from 1968 to 1987 before retiring at age 65.

    Persis Burns Suddeth, AB'48, announces the May 21 wedding of her daughter, Deirdre, to Gregory Porter.

    49 Robert H. Anderson, PhD'49, has been an educator for 54 years: as a teacher in Wisconsin, a principal and superintendent in Illinois, and a professor at Harvard, Texas Tech, and the University of South Florida. Anderson was recently appointed to an endowed chair at USF, and the school's in-progress library on educational leadership will bear his name. He attributes much of his success to his Chicago education.

    Jack Joseph, AB'49, JD'52, reports that son James W. Joseph, JD'94, graduated this past June.

    Dan Kletnick, AM'49, has moved to Homewood, IL, "where he can walk to the train station when he seeks excitement."

    Nils W. Olsson, AM'38, PhD'49, received the 1994 Victor Örnberg Prize from the Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies for his contributions to the history of Swedish immigration to the U.S.

    In April 1994, Philip W. Stetson, AM'49, had open-heart surgery at a French hospital. He adds: "I decided to give up the Paris caper and my digs there and return somewhat reluctantly to my home here in New Jersey. The Hôspital Américain had a nice little wine cellar with impeccable service. I will, of course, miss such civilized niceties."

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    50 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

    After 39 years, Raymond C. Ellis, Jr., PhB'50, MBA'53, age 73, retired as consultant and staff member for the American Hotel & Motel Association. In August 1994 he became a professor at the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston. Ellis plans to develop a hospitality technology center and a hospitality loss prevention institute.

    Harry D. Eshleman, AB'50, is president of the Wallace Stevens chapter of the Pennsylvania Poetry Society and was appointed review editor of bookends, a publication of his local Friends of the Library group.

    Lewis P. Lipsitt, AB'50, won the 1994 Mentor Award from the American Association for the Advancement of Science for his work in promoting the academic careers of women and minorities. Lipsitt is a professor of psychology and medical science at Brown University.

    James F. Ulrich, AM'50, and his wife toured Normandy, Brittany, and Paris in May. "Seeing the D-Day beaches of 1944 was indeed emotional," he writes. Another highlight of their trip: "seeing the players at the French Open Tennis Tournament."


    Ralph M. Goldman, AM'48, PhD'51, heads the recently established Center for Party Development, which is affiliated with the Catholic University of America, and edits the Center's newsletter, Party Developments.

    Daniel W. Nelson, AM'51, is the president of the Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation.

    Thalia Cheronis Selz, AM'51, writer-in-residence at Trinity College, has been selected by the Connecticut Commission on the Arts to help celebrate 1995 as the Year of the Connecticut Artist. She will participate in a series of readings throughout the year at six museums in the state.

    E. Isabel McCrie Webb, AM'51, lives in the Sherbrooke Nursing Home in Saskatoon, Canada. Her sister visits each day. Webb was active in primary education in Hammond, IN, for many years.

    Phlight of Phantasy. Click here for image.
    Aerial antics: Doubling as sport and art, Acrotheatre combined elements of gymnastics, ballet, and the circus. Directed by gymnastics coach Erwin "Bud" Beyer, AB'39, it flourished in the 1940s-50s, earning mentions in Life and Look. Midnight Phantasy (1951), told the story of Suzette, a department-store alterations girl, and Jimmy, the stock boy she loves but who is infatuated with "the Season's number one Deb." Working late to finish the deb's gown, Suzette and Jimmy fall asleep, and the toys and dress models come to life. Above, some mischievous "mice" watch as cats Nathaniel Risley, AB'51, and Twila Richmond, X'53, rehearse a seat bounce on the trampoline.


    Cyril H. Harvey, AB'52, is interim academic dean at Guilford College, where he is also a professor of geology and the director of institutional research.

    Richard Y. Reed, PhD'52, see 1938, Margaret Fox Reed.

    Wayne A. Selsor, DB'52, a retired minister and longtime artist, was commissioned to create a sculpture at the Foxwood Springs Living Center for seniors near Kansas City. The sculpture, "symbolizing the intergenerational significance" of the Landis Child Care Center at Foxwood Springs, was dedicated June 6.


    Wayne H. Akeson, MD'53, was inducted as president of the Academic Orthopaedic Society at the group's annual meeting in October.

    Milton H. Polin, AM'53, has been invited to join the Orthodox Caucus, the foremost Orthodox Jewish think tank in North America.


    Gene L. McCornack, DB'54, is the pastor of Faith-Trinity United Church of Christ in Warren, MI. He ate in the Robie House from 1949 to 1950 and proposed to his wife on the front deck, looking west.

    Mark Nugent, AB'54, SB'56, reports that daughter Lynne S. Nugent, AB'94, graduated in May and was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa.

    Cornell University held a symposium October 13-14 in honor of the 60th birthday of Carl E. Sagan, AB'54, SB'55, SM'56, PhD'60. Sagan, Cornell's David Duncan professor of astronomy and space sciences and director of the Laboratory for Planetary Studies, spoke on "The Age of Exploration."

    Harold E. Simmons, X'54, a psychotherapist, reports that his ten published books and the many recoveries of his patients affirm his belief-developed while at Chicago-that physical diseases are related to "the personality/stress/hormone configuration."

    55 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

    Andrew J. Laska, AM'55, retired as a business executive and spent the last three years as a volunteer with the Citizens Democracy Corps of Washington in Prague, helping to facilitate the transition to a free-market system.

    Elizabeth Wilcox Murphy, SM'55, has been retired for almost 10 years after 30 years as a nutritionist with the Department of Agriculture. She writes: "I'm still catching up on the reading that stacked up while I was working and on the household chores I used to give a lick and a promise to. The promises have come due!"


    Adah Bass Maurer, AM'57, was nominated for the Harold W. McGraw, Jr., Prize in education for her 22-year effort to rid U.S. schools of corporal punishment. The executive director of End Violence Against the Next Generation, Inc., Maurer edits a quarterly newsletter, The Last Resort, and has published and distributed six booklets on the subject.


    Joe Grills, MBA'58, retired at the end of 1993 after more than 32 years with IBM. Involved in many part-time investment-management activities, he's having a great time.


    Vera Oravec Laska, PhD'59, just returned from a Fulbright at Charles University in Prague, where she was the university's first U.S.-history professor.

    Norval B. Stephens, Jr., MBA'59, has completed two years as international president of Delta Tau Delta fraternity. His undergraduate school, DePauw University, awarded him the 1994 Old Gold Goblet for "meritorious service."

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    60 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

    Edna Arrington Brown, AB'60, has a new grandson, Nicholas Arrington Mims, her second grandchild. A management consultant for EDB Consulting Group, Inc., Brown lives in Port Charlotte, FL, in winter and Idlewild, MI, in summer. She would "love to hear from all."


    Robert J. Brodsky, AB'61, MBA'62, and wife Anna-Marie celebrated their 25th anniversary on June 21. Their firm is entering its 60th year serving Chicago-area retailers. Son Paul, who graduated from Bradley University in June 1993, represents the fourth generation of Brodskys in the firm, while son David is a sophomore at Bradley.

    Richard C. Ericson, AM'61, has served 28 years as president of his local citizens council on crime and justice.

    Paul S. Holbo, AM'55, PhD'61, retired in 1992 as professor of history and vice provost at the University of Oregon. Since then he has traveled in Scandinavia, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, and Italy; been active in civic organizations; written six scholarly articles and several op-ed pieces; and started a business.

    Edward A. Kolodziej, AM'57, PhD'61, see 1985, Andrew F. Kolodziej.

    In June 1993, Charles G. Staples, AM'61, retired after 27 years as a social worker in the Chicago public schools. Since retiring, he and his wife, Joan, have traveled considerably-their "biggest adventure" was a five-week, seven-country group tour in South America.

    Click here for "Family Matters," a profile of Betty Williams, AM'61


    Edward D. Higgins, MBA'62, is "enjoying retirement and ripening old age."

    Richard W. Seaton, PhD'62, has retired from teaching social factors in architecture at the University of British Columbia.

    Donald M. Switz, MD'62, president-elect of the Richmond Academy of Medicine, serves on Virginia's Medicaid Board and is a professor of medicine and associate dean for ambulatory affairs at the Medical College of Virginia.

    Mitchell H. Taibleson, SM'60, PhD'62, has returned from three-and-a-half months as an Erskine Fellow in the mathematics department of the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand.


    In June, Phanindramohan Das, PhD'63, retired as a full-time professor of meteorology at Texas A & M University. Das will continue to teach every spring semester and to study convective clouds and systems.

    James R. Fancher, MBA'63, retired from Commonwealth Edison at the end of 1992 and now does environmental and energy consulting. He is also a director of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

    Sheldon Isenberg, AB'63, AM'67, and Raye Havens Isenberg, AB'67, recently celebrated their 30th anniversary. He was chosen 1994 social worker of the year by the Fox Valley (IL) chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.

    David K. Jordan, AB'63, PhD'69, is provost of Earl Warren College, an undergraduate school of the University of California, San Diego, where he joined the anthropology department in 1969.

    After 36 years of teaching, Benedict V. Maciuika, AM'54, PhD'63, retired in June as professor of history at the University of Connecticut in Storrs.


    Antoinette L. Ramsey, AM'64, has retired as a guidance counselor with the public schools in Washington, DC, where she has lived for 30 years. Her two grandsons are ages 9 and 10.

    65 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

    Donald G. Lateiner, AB'65, is working on three lectures: "Homeric Prayer," "Veil Gestures on Attic Pottery," and "Iconography of African Americans on U.S. Postage Stamps."


    Robert H. Koff, AM'62, PhD'66, has been program director of the Danforth Foundation in St. Louis since last June. He had been dean of the School of Education and a professor of education and psychology at the State University of New York in Albany.

    This past spring, Robert E. Shearer, MBA'66, presented two papers about the effectiveness and financial health of higher education: one to the American Educational Research Association and one to the New England Educational Research Organization.

    Click here for "Research Pro," a profile of Anne C. Petersen, AB'66, SM'72, PhD'73


    Raye Havens Isenberg, AB'67, see 1963, Sheldon Isenberg.

    Laura Simon Lupton, AB'67, see 1939, Frieda Panimon Simon.

    David R. Segal, AM'63, PhD'67, was elected president of the District of Columbia Sociological Society and of the International Sociological Association's research committee on armed forces and conflict resolution.

    Stanford T. Shulman, MD'67, recently received the Joseph Brenneman award of the Chicago Pediatric Society. Shulman is a professor of pediatrics and associate dean for academic affairs at Northwestern University Medical School and heads the division of infectious diseases at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago. In June, he and wife Claire celebrated their 30th anniversary.

    Robert M. Silverstein, AB'67, SM'68, PhD'70, MBA'82, sells "esoteric medical-reference testing" to hospitals and physicians as a regional sales manager for Specialty Laboratories. Silverstein plays clarinet in the Jewish Arts Orchestra of Chicago, and he and his wife, Merle, own a fastsigns franchise.


    The September 26 issue of The New Yorker included a paragraph by Morrie K. Blumberg, AM'68, on his short walk with Eleanor Roosevelt during a mid-1950s conference on world affairs, held at the University of Colorado.

    G. Richard Buchanan, AB'68, PhD'73, formerly of the department of visual communication at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, now heads the department of design at Carnegie Mellon University. He is also editor of the international journal Design Issues: History, Theory, Criticism.

    Judith Tucker Cook, MST'68, a reading specialist in Boise, ID, teaches reading to children in first through fifth grades.

    William Gronfein, AB'68, an associate professor of sociology at Indiana University in Indianapolis, is married and has a daughter.


    L. Patrick Gage, PhD'69, was appointed chief operating officer of Genetics Institute, Inc. The Cambridge, MA, biotechnology company develops and markets biopharmaceuticals.

    Ralph M. Hergert, Jr., AB'69, a Baptist pastor and municipal official, reports that his wife, Leslie, earned a doctorate in education from Harvard University in 1994, while daughter Jesse will receive a bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania in June.

    Joan Stern Kato, AM'69, has joined the firm of Gray Cary Ware & Freidenrich in Palo Alto, CA, where she specializes in general-commercial, securities, and insurance-coverage litigation. In 1992, Prentice-Hall published the book Understanding and Working with the Japanese Business World, which she and her husband, Hiroki Kato, PhD'74, co-authored.

    Ronald V. Mershart, PhD'69, chairs the history department at the University of Wisconsin-Superior.

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    70 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

    John A. McLees, AB'70, MBA'73, JD'74, and wife Bozena Nowlicka McLees announce the September 19 birth of son Thomas Stefan.

    Donald E. Palumbo, AB'70, is a professor of English and department chair at East Carolina University. He is also film-area chair for the Popular Culture Association and series adviser to Greenwood Press's Contributions to the Study of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

    "After years of combining roles of mothering and working as a mental-health professional," Maureen Sullivan Sheehy, AM'70, is a guidance counselor at Woodlands Academy in Lake Forest.


    Brian R. Alm, AM'71, is manager of special writing services at Deere & Company in Moline, IL, where he produces the annual report and corporate-communications projects. Two of his books on organizational communications were published in 1994.

    Mark S. Cary, AB'71, is associate secretary of the American section of the Friends World Committee for Consultation, an international Quaker organization.

    David C. Clark, AB'71, AM'77, PhD'81, has been named the Stanley G. Harris family professor of psychiatry at Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center. Director of Rush University's the Center for Suicide Research and Prevention, Clark joined the faculty in 1974.

    Janine Everhart Katonah, MAT'71, writes that her husband, Joel K. Thompson, was among the victims of US Air Flight 427 that crashed near Pittsburgh on September 8.

    E. Katherine Knowlton, AB'71, reports that her private psychology practice in Seattle is "still thriving despite managed care." She adds, "Just sold my first poem to (of all things) the bus company, which put it up in a bus-published and a creator of public art, all in one swell foop."

    In August, Susan Donner Lutgendorf, AB'71, earned her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Miami in Coral Gables. A postdoctoral fellow at the University of Iowa Center on Aging, she focuses on psychoneuroimmunology, studying life stress and immunity in an aging population. She and husband Philip A. Lutgendorf, AB'71, AM'82, PhD'87, live in Iowa City and have two children, ages 13 and 17.


    Susan Schulman Beatty, MAT'72, is project coordinator of the Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah. Her husband, Patrick G. Beatty, PhD'75, MD'76, also at the University of Utah, is professor of medicine and director of the bone-marrow transplant program. They have two children, ages 10 and 13.

    Linnea A. Sodergren, AM'72, is director of corporate, foundation, and government relations for the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, MN.


    Kathleen Ezolt Carle, AB'73, MBA'81, is shopping coordinator for the weekly homeless dinner at the Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago.

    Carol Baraz Low, AB'73, earned a master's degree in psychology and is studying learning disabilities and neuropsychology for her Ph.D. She and her three children, whom she taught at home until last year, live in Glen Ellyn.

    Marc J. PoKempner, AB'73, had several of his photos of Cuba published in a book about that country. The October/94 British GQ contained some of PoKempner's photos of Chicago's blues clubs.

    The University of Maryland's College of Behavioral and Social Sciences gave its first award for outstanding mentoring to Mady Wechsler Segal, AM'67, PhD'73.

    Patricia Jacobs Steinway, AM'73, her husband, and their two children live in Chapel Hill, NC, where they own the Steinway Art Gallery. She invites alumni to stop by.

    Evelyn Eaton Whitehead, PhD'73, and her husband, James, spoke on "Anger at Work: Taming the Tigers of Wrath" as part of the 1994 Fall Forum at the Crossroads Center for Faith and Work in Chicago. She is a developmental psychologist, and he is a religious historian; they have written eight books together.


    F. Diane Farris, AM'67, AM'72, PhD'74, recently finished the photography for two books in Mary Taylor's New Vegetarian Classics cookbook series.

    The University of Alabama alumni magazine included a story on Alston Fitts III, PhD'74, in its April-May/94 issue. The story emphasized his work in race relations-"the sort of activity that used to be `hushed up' among respectable Alabamians!" Fitts writes. "But times change, thank God…."

    Hikoki Kato, PhD'74, see 1969, Joan Stern Kato.

    Joanna Bossert Morsicato, AB'74, is a supervising scientist at Engineering-Science, Inc., of Denver, where she specializes in environmental compliance and transportation. She remarried in September 1993 to James Morsicato, with whom she has a new son, Jonathan Alexander. Her three children from a previous marriage are: Tena, 11; Anna, 10; and Edward, 6. She would like to hear from classmates.

    75 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

    Andrew G. Farr, PhD'75, see 1945, Richard S. Farr.

    Glen E. Holt, AM'65, PhD'75, and M. Leslie Edmonds, AM'75, were married January 29, 1994.

    Carol Cuzens Kahler Segal, SB'75, was named one of five 1994 women of the year by the Aerospace Corporation. Segal is manager of the metals and composites section in the company's structural-materials department, where she initiated an engineering program that assesses the flight-worthiness of space systems stored for long periods.

    John C. Taylor, AB'75, and his wife, Barbara Hughes, announce the January 26, 1994, birth of daughter Abigail Christa.


    Patrick G. Beatty, PhD'75, MD'76, see 1972, Susan Schulman Beatty.

    Jody E. Green, AB'76, married Edward Max in 1991. They have two daughters, Dana Frances Max, 30 months, and Sonia Elyse Max, 6 months. Green has a private neurology practice in Fairfax, VA.

    L. Francis Stella, MBA'76, has retired from Volvo GM Heavy Truck Corp. and teaches business administration at Guilford Technical Community College.


    Markes E. Johnson, PhD'77, is the Charles L. MacMillan professor of geology at Williams College.

    Joachim J. Scholz, AM'74, PhD'77, is serving as acting dean and provost of Washington College through June 1995. The director of the humanities program, he has taught German literature there since 1980.

    Mark Shapiro, AB'77, a gastroenterologist, recently joined a private practice in Hewlett, NY. He and wife Susan, a lawyer, live in Great Neck, NY.


    Vanderbilt Law School professor Barry E. Friedman, AB'78, was reelected to the executive committee of the American Judicature Society.

    Wendy E. Waisala, AM'78, den mother to a menagerie of animals, is helping to organize and market an emu/ostrich ranch and an exotic-cosmetic enterprise. She creates fashion accessories and is writing a dissertation in American civilization.

    Click here for "Mutual Respect," a profile of Joe Mansueto, AB'78, MBA'80


    Melinda A. Corey, AB'79, AM'82, and husband George Ochoa, AM'82, announce the April 6 birth of daughter Martha Adeline Corey-Ochoa. Corey and Ochoa live and write in Brooklyn and recently completed their revision of Ephraim Katz's The Film Encyclopedia.

    Nicole M. Denison, SB'79, has been promoted to director of alumni news and associate editor at the University of Wisconsin alumni association.

    Jo Ann D. Hinz, MBA'79, see 1983, Margaret G. Waterstreet.

    Terry L. Simpson, AB'79, SM'82, MD'86, is chief of vascular surgery at Maricopa Medical Center in Phoenix and "continues to struggle with golf."

    Peter F. Smith, AB'79, a lieutenant commander in the Navy, lives with his family in Bahrain, where he is serving a two-year tour with U.S. Navy Central Command.

    Marvin C. Weiss, PhD'77, MD'79, has lived in San Diego with wife Judith since 1982. They have two children: Max, 6, and Emily, 8.

    Frederick J. Wenzel, MBA'79, is executive director and CEO of Medical Group Management Association in Englewood, CO, and continues to be an adviser to the president of the Marshfield Clinic in Marshfield, WI.

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    80 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

    David L. Bogetz, MBA'80, has been promoted to portfolio manager at Sears Investment Management Co. and is in charge of the company's venture-capital group.

    Suresh A. Desai, MBA'80, says that daughter Neelam "dreams of doing graduate business studies at UC" and is in her final year at the University of Tulane's Freeman Business School.

    Nina Petrosky Priebe, AM'80, has a 6-year-old son, Kyle.

    William B. Redpath, MBA'80, is a vice president at BIA Consulting in Chantilly, VA, and recently became a chartered financial analyst. He chairs the ballot-access committee of the Libertarian Party and is on the board of the Center for Voting and Democracy in Washington, DC.


    Jean Annis Mishkin, MBA'81, has been elected to a three-year term on the Tenafly, NJ, school board.

    Janet Hebenstreit Tavakoli, MBA'81, has joined the London office of Mitsubishi Finance International as a director; she will work in financial derivatives, structuring and marketing bonds for European and U.S. investors. She had been a private consultant for Japanese clients while working for Merrill Lynch and PaineWebber.

    Patrick J. Wallace, AB'81, MD'89, has joined the Stehlin and de Ipolyi oncology clinic in Houston as a surgical oncologist.


    Regina Justis Actipis, AB'82, reports that "daughter Elinor shunned the Midwest" and is a freshman at Dartmouth College.

    Charles L. Cappell, PhD'82, a member of the law faculty at Northern Illinois University, is working to make NIU the national center for information and research on management-union relations in cases of a company move. Cappell and co-researcher Lorraine Schmall have already done a study on Dubuque Packing.

    John J. Fung, PhD'80, MD'82, is associate professor of surgery and chief of transplant surgery at the University of Pittsburgh. Fung is married and has four children.

    George Ochoa, AM'82, see 1979, Melinda A. Corey.

    James C. Palmer, AM'82, has been a consultant with the Dallas office of CAP Gemini America since June.

    John P. Tuke, MBA'82, announces the September 20 birth of his first child, son Caleb Cullen. In February 1994, Tuke was promoted to managing director at Merrill Lynch, where he is in trading derivatives. After ten years on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, he now lives in Dobbs Ferry, NY.


    Lori A. Hunsaker, AB'83, AM'85, has taken a one-year leave of absence from her M.Div. studies to work with LaRabida Hospital's child abuse and neglect team.

    Don Lorvig, AB'83, married Elizabeth Durham Smith, a 1985 graduate of Carnegie Mellon, on October 1 in New Hampshire. He writes that the members of Tumbling Dice attended and were "ready to rock."

    In 1993, Dail St. Claire Simmons, AM'83, started an investment-management firm on Wall Street. She is married to Craig Simmons, a bond trader, and has a 3 1/2-year-old daughter and a son, Craig Jr., born September 2.

    Margaret G. Waterstreet, MBA'83, disabled by arthritis, has moved back to Chicago. She adds that Jo Ann D. Hinz, MBA'79, demonstrated her StarSearch Software for sales mega-networking to the Lake County and Chicago chambers of commerce, as well as another business group. Also, in September, Joseph C. O'Brien III, MBA'87, spoke about the workplace transition from mainframes to PCs.


    James O. Cox, AB'84, MBA'85, oversees the retail-store division of Southern School Supply.

    Catherine F. Glen-Puschett, X'84, and Mitchell I. Puschett, AB'87, an anesthesiology resident at Chicago, announce the September 8 birth of their first child, Benjamin Ian. They anticipate his graduation from the University in 2012.

    Joseph B. Heitman, SB'84, SM'84, is an assistant investigator in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and an assistant professor in the departments of genetics and pharmacology at Duke University. Heitman studies signal transduction and the mechanisms of action of immunosuppressible and antifungal natural products.

    Keith A. Kostuch, AB'84, and Erna Bongers Kostuch, JD'89, announce the June 22 birth of daughter Hannah Catherine.

    Dorothy Blanchard Lyon, AM'84, announces the December 14, 1993, birth of daughter Lauren Annabelle Crawford.

    Woodward C. Price, AB'84, is the staff assistant to Richard Holbrooke, the assistant secretary for European and Canadian affairs in the State Department.

    Jonathan G. Tubman, AB'84, is in his second year as assistant professor of psychology at Florida International University.

    85 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

    Bruce J. Berger, MBA'85, has been appointed to oversee trading and risk management for the global-derivatives group of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. He is based in CIBC's New York office.

    Andrew F. Kolodziej, SB'85, and wife Jeanette announce the September 11 birth of son Zachary Jacob in San Francisco-making Edward A. Kolodziej, AM'57, PhD'61, and his wife, Antje, grandparents.


    Jeffrey A. Cohen, AB'86, married Kimberly Meldrum in March in Venice, Italy. In June they celebrated with a party at their home in Wicker Park. His parents, Stephen P. Cohen, AB'57, AB'58, AM'59, and Roberta Brosilow Cohen, AB'59, joined them. Also in attendance were David A. Berger, AB'76; Jonathan M. Chimene, AM'83; David J. Ross, AB'83, MBA'85; Ann C. Reed, AB'85, MBA'88; Mimi Lee Rodman, AB'85; Steven P. Basileo, AB'86; Edward F. Malone, AB'86; Benjamin Rodman, AB'86, MBA'93; Carolyn G. Schneider, AB'86, AM'87; Stephen P. Sullivan, AB'86; Joshua Kellman, AB'87; Catherine M. Le Tourneau, AB'87; Thomas H. Underberg, AB'87; Daniel J. Gilman, AM'83, PhD'88; Michael A. Keable, AB'88; and Curt A. Conklin, AB'89. The couple's sheepdog, Petulia, "intends to visit the U of C soon and concentrate on herding wayward souls."

    Monica M. Creighton, AB'86, and her husband, Darrell Graham, announce the August 31 birth of their first child, Maeve Creighton Graham.

    Judith Updegraff Harris, AM'80, PhD'86, was promoted to tenured associate professor of criminal justice at the University of South Carolina at Spartanburg.

    Alan M. Kanter, AB'86, of Glenview, is a family practitioner in Park Ridge.

    After eight years of marketing for Procter & Gamble and Pepsico, Byron W. Smith, MBA'86, joined GTE in January 1994 as vice president/general manager for a cellular-phone division. He and wife Beth live in Birmingham, AL.


    Stephen D. Carle, MBA'87, is an associate management consultant in the commerical and industrial group of Coopers and Lybrand Consulting. He had been a market analyst for a mid-sized manufacturing company.

    William A. Johnson, MD'87, a primary-care physician in Beverly, has been appointed to the Meridian team, a group that serves hospice patients on Chicago's Southeast Side.

    Kristine R. McQuilliam, AB'87, and Douglas M. Jackman, AB'89, a student in the GSB, were married September 4 at Bond Chapel. Faye-Marie Morgan Brownfield, AB'87, was the matron of honor, while the best man was Daniel L. Jackman, MBA'94. In attendance were Judith Jackson Munson, AB'66; Lester E. Munson, Jr., JD'67; Peter D. Weinstein, AB'87, MBA'93; H. Andrew Brownfield III, AB'88, MBA'89; Duane R. Nelson, AB'88; Michael W. Boettcher, AB'89, MD'93; Jefferson S. Brown, AB'89; Sean P. Elliott, AB'89; Sugwu D. Hahn, AB'89; Sung-Lana Kim, AB'89, MD'93; Lester E. Munson III, AB'89; Cathy E. Shin, AB'89; Adam C. Smedstad, AB'89; Jacqueline Jacobson Weinstein, AB'90, JD'92; Irene S. Tan, AB'91; Heather Labadot, AB'92; and Betty P. Chu, MBA'94.

    Joseph C. O'Brien III, MBA'87, see 1983, Margaret G. Waterstreet.

    Mitchell I. Puschett, AB'87, see 1984, Catherine F. Glen-Puschett.


    Karen E. Anderson, AB'88, MD'93, is a second-year psychiatry resident at Columbia University, where she plans to specialize in neuropsychiatry, dementia, and aging.

    Larry E. Hess, AB'88, lives in New York City, where he is a clinical child psychologist for the Henry Ittleson Center for Child Research, a branch of the Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services.

    Gary M. Kramer, MBA'88, married Lisa Foydel of Detroit on October 22. He is a senior vice president in the financial-strategies group of Meridian Capital.

    Alison McCurdy, SB'88, received her Ph.D. in organic chemistry this past August; she will continue as a Dreyfus teaching postdoctoral fellow at Cal State Fullerton for two years.

    Robert M. Whitnell, PhD'88, is an assistant professor of chemistry at Guilford College. He had been an assistant project scientist and postdoctoral research assistant at the University of California, San Diego.

    Donald R. Wilson, Jr, AB'88, see 1989, Panayiotis A. Salapatas.


    Douglas M. Jackman, AB'89, see 1987, Kristine R. McQuilliam.

    Erna Bongers Kostuch, JD'89, see 1984, Keith A. Kostuch.

    Timothy E. Lynch, AB'89, participated in the joint exercise RIMPAC '94, a major maritime exercise near Hawaii involving Australia, Canada, Japan, and Korea. He was aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Independence.

    Panayiotis A. Salapatas, AB'89, AM'91, is moving to Milano, Italy, to trade with Donald R. Wilson, Jr., AB'88. He had been trading at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange since 1992.

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    90 Reunion June 2,3,4 1995

    Najma M. Adam, AM'90, coordinates the family service center at St. Paul Head Start, Ounce of Prevention Fund, located in the Robert Taylor community. She adds that she is "appreciative of the education she received at SSA, U of C."

    Roberto Apelfeld, PhD'90, is a vice president at J. P. Morgan Investment Management, Inc., in New York City.

    In 1993, John M. Jeep, PhD'90, was named assistant professor of German at Miami University in Oxford, OH. The same year, he and wife Lynda Hoffman-Jeep, PhD'94, directed the Intensive Summer in Germany program.

    Ruth L. Ketchum, AM'90, works in the neighborhood-services office of the Chicago Public Library, "trying to make the bureaucracy work for the (extra)ordinary citizen.…Wish they hadn't closed my school-now we have to hire from U of I or out of state." She and girlfriend Peg Kelly enjoy riding around town on their scooter. Ketchum says hello to all GLS graduates and can be reached at

    Peter W. Lee, AB'90, and Jennifer A. O'Leary, AB'90, were married on November 26, 1993. In attendance were Myra Zaharchuk Lee, AB'90; Dwayne H. Spradlin, AB'90; Michelle Ray Spradlin, AB'90; and Ronald C. Lee, Jr., AB'91. The couple live in Philadelphia, where he is an attorney at Lavin, Coleman, Finerelli and Gray, and she is a senior commercial-credit analyst at Midlantic Bank.

    Christine Burk Roberts, MBA'90, and Malcolm I. Roberts, MBA'90, have started a company, Catalyst for Corporate Performance Pty. Ltd., which helps senior executives implement more efficient management systems. They and son Shane David, born September 28, 1993, live at 499 Brookfield Road, Brookfield Q 4069, Australia; their phone number is 61•7•374-3374.

    Amy L. Strasser, MBA'90, was married on August 20 in Evanston and spent her honeymoon in Hawaii before starting a new job at Brown Brothers Harriman in Boston.

    Since June 1992, Gerhard F. Volz, LLM'90, has been in-house counsel for Diehl Gmbll & Co. in Nürnberg, Bavaria, completing his doctoral dissertation in international private law in February 1993. Volz spent two days in September with those alumni participating in the Alumni Association cruise on the Danube.


    David J. Cohen, AB'91, graduated from Temple University's law school in June and then took the Pennsylvania and New Jersey bar exams. Cohen spent August traveling through Spain before looking for a job in litigation or trial practice in Philadelphia.

    Rodolfo Geilim, MBA'91, AM'91, married Gina Daniele on June 4 at Our Lady of Grace Church in Hoboken, NJ. Silvestre A. Fontes, AM'91, ushered. In attendance were Joseph J. Attar, MBA'89; George Zombek, MBA'89; Roberto Apelfeld, PhD'90; Anjuli Bhattacharjee, MBA'91; Enrique Negron, Jr., MBA'91; Michael E. Santelli, MBA'91; and Jules M. Buxbaum, MBA'86, PhD'94. Patrick A. Orban, MBA'90, flew in from London for the weekend. The reception was held aboard a yacht that circled Manhattan. The couple spent their honeymoon in Hawaii, sailing in French Polynesia, and in Moorea and Tahiti.

    Karl E. Loewenstein, AB'91, and Memuna Z. Khan, AB'92, were married on August 27 in Barryville, NY. In attendance were Anne N. N. Endress, AB'91; David L. Osborn, SB'91; Despina Lekakis, AB'92; David K. Mattingly, AB'92; Benjamin M. Skove, AB'92; Jennifer L. Smith, AB'92; Sun Mi Kim, AB'93; LeeAnn A. Koenig, AB'93; and Mark A. Loewenstein, AB'94. He is a history graduate student at Duke, and she is a zoology graduate student at North Carolina State University.

    J. Lorand Matory, AM'86, AM'91, PhD'91, is an assistant professor of anthropology and Afro-American studies at Harvard University. His book Sex and the Empire That Is No More: Gender and the Politics of Metaphor in Oyo Yoruba Religion, based on his doctoral dissertation at Chicago, was recently published.

    Dail St. Claire Simmons, AM'91, see 1983, Dail St. Claire Simmons.

    Ronald H. Wagner, MBA'91, founded Alde/Wagner, a San Francisco-based marketing-consulting firm with global clients from industries that include telecommunications, sports, and entertainment. Wagner writes that he "enjoys living in San Francisco, because the weather is a bit more consistent than that of Chicago-and never as cold!"


    Since October, Paula Winkler Adkins, MBA'92, has been vice president of customer operations for Mtel in Jackson, MI.

    Mark S. Goldenzer, MBA'92, was promoted to vice president and director of strategic planning for Lincoln National Corporation.

    Rochelle N. Kopp, MBA'92, started a new firm, Japan Intercultural Consulting, which provides cross-cultural training and human-resource consulting to Japanese firms and to joint ventures operating in the U.S.

    William G. Reilly, MBA'92, relocated from Dallas to St. Louis as purchasing manager of commmodities for the bakery division of Anheuser-Busch.

    Linda L. Wolfenden, AB'92, is enjoying her third year at Boston University's medical school, where she occasionally sees Ronald R. Espinal, AB'92, and Kirit A. Bhatt, AB'92.


    Wendy W. Fish, AM'93, married Timothy Naylor in August 1993. They live in Hyde Park, and she plans to study for a doctorate in education.

    Susan L. Ofshay, AM'93, married Peter A. Parrotta on June 11.

    Michael Y. Park, AB'93, wrote from the French Quarter that he located his "darling Stella," but could not convince her to stay with him. Since then, he adds, he has "taken a new job at Sesame Place…But the sadness lingers. If you are ever in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, stop by Sesame Place and have a chocolate milk on me. And when you see Big Bird cavorting happily with toddlers, remember that there are tears under the yellow feathers and innocent smile."

    Joyesh Raj, AB'93, is a second-year medical student at the University of Cincinnati.

    Andrew C. Schneider, AB'93, a second-year history graduate student at Duke University, worked in 1993 and 1994 as a research assistant at the National Humanities Center and the Institute for Defense Analyses.

    Michael F. Stoer, AB'93, recently graduated from the basic school at the Marine Corps Combat Development Command in Quantico, VA, where new officers are prepared for assignment to the Fleet Marine Force.


    James W. Joseph, JD'94, see 1949, Jack Joseph.

    Ira M. Kalina, JD'94, has joined the Chicago office of the international law firm of McDermott, Will & Emery as an associate in the litigation department.

    Lynne S. Nugent, AB'94, see 1954, Mark Nugent.

    Michele I. Slobod, JD'94, is an associate in the corporate department of the Chicago office of the international law firm of McDermott, Will & Emery.

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  • "Mutual Respect," Joe Mansueto, AB'78, MBA'80



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