The University of Chicago Magazine

August 1996


Illustrations by Mark McMahon

They came back by the hundreds--graduates who remembered the College when Hutchins and McKeon were gods. Or when the Admin Sit-In and the '68 Democratic Convention seemed to signal a Götterdämmerung. Or when the University's president was a woman. Joined by alumni of the Biological Sciences Division and the School of Social Service Administration, College alumni returned the first weekend in June to quads as green as they used to be. And they talked. Over bagels and coffee at the Registration Tent. Over bruschetta and shrimp at the Gleacher Center downtown. Over beer and burgers at the All-Campus Picnic. With favorite professors teaching in the UnCommon Core. With alumni award winners. With each other. While they talked, the Magazine--and illustrator Mark McMahon--took note.


In line to go on-line:

Registration via a row of laptops wasn't the only high-tech aspect of the 1996 Reunion--a digital photographer roamed the quads, creating a Virtual Reunion for the World Wide Web ( After collecting their tote bags and game plans, alumni could hear profs teach in the UnCommon Core-from Emily Teeter, PhD'90, on "The Public Fascination with Ancient Egypt: Obelisks to Egypto-trash," to Allen Sanderson on "The Economics of Football."

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