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Books by Alumni

image: Class Notes headlineArt and architecture Frederick N. Bohrer, AM'82, PhD'89, editor, Sevruguin and Persian Image: Photographs of Iran, 1870-1930; David A. Morgan, PhD'90, Protestants and Pictures: Religion, Visual Culture, and the Age of American Mass Production [ MORE ]

Biography and letters Bill Barnhart, MST'69, MBA'81, and Gene Schlickman, Kerner: The Conflict of Intangible Rights; Constance Schuster Markey, AM'70, Italo Calvino: A Journey Toward Postmodernism [ MORE ]

Business and economics Matthew J. Abergel, AM'94, Work Your Stars! Using Astrology to Navigate Your Career Path, Shine on the Job, and Guide Your Business Decisions; Paul W. Glewwe, AB'79, The Economics of School Quality Investments in Developing Countries: An Empirical Study of Ghana; Robert A. Korajczyk, AB'76, MBA'77, PhD'83, editor, Asset Pricing and Portfolio Performance: Models, Strategy, and Performance Metrics [ MORE ]

Criticism Laura Jenn Menides, AM'64, and Angela G. Dorenkamp, editors, In Worcester, Massachusetts: Essays on Elizabeth Bishop [ MORE ]

Education William H. Maehl, PhD'57, Lifelong Learning at Its Best: Innovative Practices in Adult Credit Programs; Catherine Cole Mambretti, AM'73, PhD'79, Internet Technology for Schools

Fiction and poetry Bonnie Jo Campbell, AB'84, Women and Other Animals; Jeff Helgeson, AM'76, Thresholds; Len Lamensdorf, AB'48, JD'52, The Crouching Dragon; David Ray, AB'52, AM'57, Demons in the Diner; Anne F. Spackman, AB'95, Seeds of a Fallen Empire [ MORE ]

History and current events Matthew A. Crenson, AM'65, PhD'69, Building the Invisible Orphanage: A Prehistory of the American Welfare System; Thomas D. Parrish, AB'49, AM'79, Berlin in the Balance, 1945-1949: The Blockade, the Airlift, the First Major Battle of the Cold War [ MORE ]

Linguistics Harold F. Schiffman, AM'66, PhD'69, A Reference Grammar of Spoken Tamil [ MORE ]

Mathematics Robert G. Bartle, SM'48, PhD'51, and Donald R. Sherbert, Introduction to Real Analysis, Third Edition [ MORE ]

Medicine and health Robert C. Finn, AB'77, Cancer Clinical Trials: Experimental Treatments and How They Can Help You [ MORE ]

Political science and law Christopher Beem, AM'92, PhD'94, The Necessity of Politics: Reclaiming American Public Life; Peter F. Langrock, AB'58, JD'60, Beyond the Courthouse [ MORE ]

Psychiatry and psychology Abigail Horowitz Natenshon, AM'70, When Your Child Has An Eating Disorder: A Step-By-Step Workbook for Parents and Other Caregivers; Victor M. Uribe, X'89, Parent, Child, and Adolescent: A Handbook for Family Interaction [ MORE ]

Religion and philosophy Philip P. Arnold, PhD'92, Eating Landscape: Aztec and European Occupation of Tlalocan; Robert Ellwood, AM'65, PhD'67, The Politics of Myth: A Study of C. J. Jung, Mircea Eliade, and Joseph Campbell; Barbara Switalski Lesko, AB'62, AM'65, The Great Goddesses of Egypt; Fauzi M. Najjar, AM'50, PhD'54, and Dominique Mallet, translators, L'Harmonie Entre Les Opinions de Platon et d'Aristote, texte arabe et traduction; Steven H. Schroeder, AM'76, PhD'82, The Metaphysics of Cooperation: A Study of F. D. Maurice; Anton C. Vrame, AM'83, The Educating Icon: Teaching Wisdom and Holiness in the Orthodox Way [ MORE ]

Science and technology David L. Wilson, PhD'69, Introduction to Biology [ MORE ]

Social sciences Paul R. Diesing, AM'48, PhD'52, Hegel's Dialectical Political Economy: A Contemporary Application; Herbert J. Gans, PhB'47, AM'50, Popular Culture and High Culture: An Analysis and Evaluation of Taste; Marion Sherman Goldman, AM'70, PhD'77, Passionate Journeys: Why Successful Women Joined A Cult; Anura Goonasekera, AM'76, PhD'83, and Youichi Ito, editors, Mass Media and Cultural Identity: Ethnic Reporting in Asia; Sherry B. Ortner, AM'66, PhD'70, editor, The Fate of "Culture": Geertz and Beyond; Thomas A. Sebeok, AB'41, and Marcel Danesi, The Forms of Meaning: Modeling Systems Theory and Semiotic Analysis; Samuel M. Wilson, AM'81, PhD'86, The Emperor's Giraffe and Other Stories of Cultures in Contact [ MORE ]

Travel and leisure Donald G. Tritt, PhD'59, Swiss Festivals in North America: A Resource Guide; Wesley M. Wilson, MBA'54, Curious Customs and Bizarre Beliefs Around the World


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